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Peter Sheppard Skærved


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Peter Sheppard Skærved is the only violinist to have performed on the violins of Viotti, Paganini, Joachim, Kreisler and Ole Bull. His exploration of the relationship between string music and the instruments used to play it has resulted in years of collaboration with luthiers, archetiers, and projects (ranging from performances to films) working with some of the world's great collections, especially with the Library of Congress, Washington DC, where he has performed on up to 6 violins in one concert!

He is the dedicatee of over 400 works for violin, by composers including Hans Werner Henze, Poul Ruders, David Matthews, Judith Weir and Jörg Widmann. He has made over 60 critically acclaimed recordings, including cycles of sonatas by Tartini and Beethoven, Quartets by Reicha and Tippett, and many of the works written for him, resulting in a Grammy nomination, and awards from the BBC Music Magazine.

Peter is the only musician to have been invited to curate an exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, London, and has made and performance projects for the British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, London and galleries worldwide. In the near future, he will be playing all 30 Tartini solo sonatas in residencies in Brussels, Tallinn and Bergen, will complete a residency at the Dover Museum, and will give a lecture recital on Darwin and music in Maine.

He has one of the broadest discographies of any violinist, stretching from pioneering recordings of Michael Haydn concerti, through Beethoven to the first recording of the original version of George Rochberg's concerto, recorded under the composer's supervision in Germany and contemporary works by composers such as Elliott Schwartz and Paul Pellay.

Peter is also the leader of the Kreutzer Quartet, violinist of Ensemble Triolog (Munich) and Longbow and the long-term duo partner of pianist Aaron Shorr.

As a writer, he has published on subjects ranging from Victorian painters and violin-making to contemporary quartet writing and Paganini. He is married to the Danish writer and poet, Malene Skærved, and is the Viotti Lecturer at the Royal Academy of Music, London, where he was elected Fellow in 2013.

For recordings, films, writing and more information including further details and images of the Ole Bull Project, go to www.peter-sheppard-skaerved.com


CD details (contemporary):

MSV 28521 Rochberg: Violin Sonata/Caprice Variations

MSV 28527 Pellay: Thesaurus of Violinistic Fiendishness

MSV 28537 Elliott Schwartz: Tapestry

MSVCD 92024 Premonitions

MSVCD 92028 Etude Philharmonique

MSVCD 92029 Star Preludes

MSVCD 92053 Taking Flight

MSVCD 92084 The Light Garden

MSVCD 92104 Trajectories - Music by David Gorton
CD details (classical/baroque):

ATH 23203 The Great Violins, vol. 1

ATH 23205 The Great Violins, vol. 2

MSVCD 2003 Beethoven Explored, vol. 1

MSVCD 2004 Beethoven Explored, vol. 2

MSVCD 2005 Beethoven Explored, vol. 3

MSVCD 2006 Beethoven Explored, vol. 4

MSVCD 2007 Beethoven Explored, vol. 5

MSVCD 2008 Beethoven Explored, vol. 6