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William Taylor


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Bill Taylor is a specialist in the performance of ancient harp music from Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and is one of very few players investigating these repertoires on medieval gut-strung harps, wire-strung clarsachs and Renaissance harps with buzzing bray pins.  He is a contributor to the New  Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, and serves as convener of the Wire Branch of the Clarsach Society.  He has been resident in Scotland for many years, where he teaches and works with Ardival Harps in Strathpeffer. 

Aside from accompanying Canty, he performs with the Highland early music group Coronach, the duo The Art of Musick and the Belgian Late-Medieval ensemble Quadrivium.  Bill teaches community music classes through Fèis Rois and is a guest lecturer at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow.  As a teacher of historical harps, he is frequently invited to lead workshops in the UK, Europe and the USA, including regular appearances at the Edinburgh International Harp Festival.
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apostle of ireland music chantes deduicated to st patrick
DDA 25065 Apostle of Ireland