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  world premiere recording     "a delight from start to finish"
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AVISON: 12 Concerti Grossi after Geminiani
Leader: Pavlo Beznosiuk  

Charles Avison was long neglected, but is now being recognised as one of the most brilliant and accomplished English composers of the 18th century. These 12 Concerti are based on Geminiani's opus 1 violin sonatas,are played on period instruments and are recorded here for the first time, by the group which has itself made a reputation as one of the finest instrumental ensembles in Europe.  The first of our series of major Avison releases. See also 21211 21213 21214 21215

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CD DURATION:  CD1: 54.22  CD2: 45.06

Concerto no. 5 - Affettuoso (extract)






Concerto no. 1 in G major
Concerto no. 2 in D minor
Concerto no. 3 in E minor
Concerto no. 4 in D major
Concerto no. 5 in B flat major
Concerto no. 6 in G minor
Concerto no. 7 in C minor
Concerto no. 8 in B minor
Concerto no. 9 in F major
Concerto no. 10 in D major
Concerto no. 11 in A minor (Arr. Beznosiuk)
Concerto no. 12 in D minor

Review extracts: for full reviews click here
“spirited performances… beautifully characterised playing” – Elizabeth Roche (The Daily Telegraph)
“No shortage of [virtuoso technique] on these discs…Pavlo Beznosiuk’s energy is combined with meticulous tuning and an ear for a well-shaped phrase… should prove a benchmark recording” - The Journal Culture Magazine)
“This is music of outstanding quality. The performances are outstanding. The band is richly sonorous; the ensemble is faultless; the tempi are seemingly infallibly judged; the phrasing is subtle and expressive; and virtuoso solos are dispatched with aplomb. What more could one possibly want? They must surely be one of the finest baroque ensembles now in existence.” - Richard Maunder (Early Music News)
“Outstanding quality… a delight from start to finish. The playing is brisk and light, the textures clear and the overall ensemble well-nigh perfect. Beznosiuk is on stunning form. Recorded sound and overall presentation are also of the utmost quality” – Robert Levett (International Record Review)
“The performances of this immensely appealing set of concertos are outstanding… what is remarkable is the rich depth of the playing. An exceptional issue in every way." ××××× - Brian Robins (Goldberg)
“This work sheds true light on two aspects of the art and life of Avison – firstly that Avison was the foremost and most brilliant English composer of Concerti Grossi; and secondly his great admiration for Geminiani. Charles Avison was able to draw from the chamber sonatas a palette of orchestral colours which are among the brightest ever created in the baroque period. So: the brilliance, the fluent phrasing and tempi; the attention to tone and structure, delivered with creativity and grace, and a generous set of programme notes, make this an ideal benchmark recording of these Concerti Grossi. Admirable!” - Andrea Bedetti (CD Classico)
“This set of concerti grossi is an important discovery. Not only is it a fine tribute to the art of Geminiani, but it also reflects the admiration for the master, not just by Avison, but by English music-lovers at large. These concertos give plenty of evidence of Avison's great qualities as a composer, and one can only hope other compositions – such as his chamber music and vocal works - are to be explored in due course.” - Johan van Veen (MusicWeb)

“This recording constitutes something of an event in classical music. A significant addition to the catalog. Good sound and decent notes.” – Crawford (American Record Guide)

“Charles Avison was one the most significant figures in eighteenth century English music. These are first-rate eighteenth century concerti grossi, and the Avison Ensemble plays them in a relaxed, very easygoing fashion. A worthy undertaking that whets the appetite for what might be in store with future instalments.” – Dave Lewis (Allmusic)

“Throughout the recording, the Avison Ensemble responds to Avison's full 7-part texture with warmth and flexibility. Pavlo Beznosiuk's violin playing is also impressive, with finely judged phrasing, and ornamentation that is both inventive and ... some wonderfully articulate cello playing, not directly credited but presumably by Richard Tunnicliffe. The sound quality is superb too” – Robin Bigwood (The Consort)

“The Ensemble perform this attractive music with flair and intelligence” – Em Marshall (Albion Magazine)

“Avison's arrangements preserve all of the fire and elegance of the original pieces, and the Avison Ensemble gives them brisk and lively performances. Highly recommended. “ - Rick Anderson (CD Hotlist)