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AVISON: 18 Concerti Grossi, opus 9 and 10

Following the enormous success of the Avison Ensemble's John Garth CD (dda25059) and the Avison/Geminiani Concerti (dda21210) we are delighted to present another premiere recording of the finest baroque music. Even before official release, chosen by Classic FM as its disc of the week, this 2 CD set (at the price of 1 CD) is the first complete recording of these concerti. The Avison Ensemble is led by Pavlo Beznosiuk. This set is another step towards the complete Avison Edition due to be completed by the end of 2009.

Avison's concerti can be played in various instrumentations: here we have the "chamber orchestra" version. Six of the op. 9 concerti are performed in the string quartet version on diversions 24108

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CD DURATION:  CD1: 66.65 CD2: 64.45

Opus 9 no. 7, 2nd movement (Allegro)






op. 9 no. 1 in G major
op. 9 no. 2 in D major
op. 9 no. 3 in A major
op. 9 no. 4 in G minor
op. 9 no. 5 in C major
op. 9 no. 6 in E minor
op. 9 no. 7 in E flat major
op. 9 no. 8 in B flat major
op. 9 no. 9 in C minor
op. 9 no. 10 in F major
op. 9 no. 11 in A major
op. 9 no. 12 in D major
op. 10 no. 1 in D minor
op. 10 no. 2 in F major
op. 10 no. 3 in C minor
op. 10 no. 4 in C major
op. 10 no. 5 in E flat major
op. 10 no. 6 in D minor

review extracts: for full reviews click here

“Avison's Opus 9 and Opus 10 'Concerti Grossi' are sweetly melodic, succinct and conservative. Led by Pavlo Beznosuik, the ensemble does its composer proud in a stylish series of sturdy allegros, graceful largos and delicate, attractive arias.” - Anna Picard (The Daily Telegraph)

“The concertos are utterly delightful for their serene beauty and melodic invention.[The Avison Ensemble] play this music with the necessary phrasing, tempi and stylistic rightness that brings this music to life. It is hard to see how these concertos could be better played. The sound quality is rich and reverberant.” – Mike Birman (Audiophile Audition)

“In terms of performance, the Avison Ensemble is superbly unified. Not surprisingly, several other of its recordings are mentioned in Divine Art's very well presented annotation. Pavlo Beznosiuk leads with confidence – he is not afraid to add occasional decorations but these are not intrusive and never interrupt the melodic line. In all, these are exceptionally stylish 'period' performances by musicians in-tune with Avison's philosophy and are ideal ambassadors for the promotion of this neglected composer. Divine Art must be commended for promoting rarely heard 18th-century composers.” – Antony Hodgson (Classical Source)
“Urbane charm, fluent melody and purposeful harmony. Attractive now as they were for audiences at Avison's regular subscription concerts.” – George Pratt (BBC Music Magazine)
“The group has developed a distinct ‘house style' that truly sparkles in this recording. Avison's awareness, and use, of key colour is striking – it certainly brings an impressive degree of variety to the disc... this double-CD set is a mine of varied and exciting music.” - Caroline Ritchie (The Consort)
“A delightful find for those jaded ears that are thinking there's nothing new under the classical sun to be found.  Warmly played in period fashion with great attention to detail” – Chris Spector (MidWest Record)
“These concerti, though coming late in Avison's composing career, show little diminution of inventiveness from his Op.6 set and the Scarlatti and Geminiani adaptations. With tasteful ornamentation where appropriate and a willingness to give the music a bit of a lift, these are excellent performances.” – Brian Wilson (MusicWeb)
“This splendid 2 CD set should help to rekindle interest in the work of Charles Avison... 18 elegantly Italianate creations expertly revived by the ensemble which bears his name.” – Kevin Bryan (UK Regional Press)
“The ensemble performs with simplicity, freshness and lovingly tended, authentic ornaments sighing into cadences. The concerti tumble out like pristine toys from a long-locked cupboard.” «««« Rick Jones (Classic FM Magazine)
“Very worth reviving... [Avison] is certainly a composer not to be ignored.” – Peter Spaull (Liverpool Daily Post)
“[Avison's] work is fresh and listenable,...Beznosiuk gives these concertos excellent treatment. Sound is very good. This is a high-quality recording.” – Crawford (American Record Guide)