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AVISON: Op. 1 Trio Sonatas and Op. 8 Keyboard Sonatas
ROBERT HOWARTH (harpsichord/chest organ),
Caroline Balding (violin), Richard Tunnicliffe (cello)

The fourth in our series of Avison's music, and part of the Complete Edition to be completed by the end of 2009. These hitherto unknown works are real baroque gems. The op. 1 Trio Sonatas led by the strings, are accompanied by Robert Howarth on chest organ continuo; while Robert moves front of stage and to the harpsichord in the Keyboard Sonatas, op. 8.

These recordings issued at bargain price help further to confirm that 18th century England was a place of fine creative artistry in music.
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CD DURATION:  CD1: 47.21 CD2: 49.48

AUDIO SAMPLE: Keyboard Sonata op. 8 no. 2 : Allegro (part)







Trio Sonatas, op. 1:
No. 1 in chromatic dorian mode
No. 2 in G minor
No. 3 in G minor
No. 4 in dorian mode
No. 5 in E minor
No. 6 in D major

Keyboard Sonatas, op. 8:
No. 1 in A major
No. 2 in C major
No. 3 in D major
No. 4 in B flat major
No. 5 in G minor
No. 6 in G major

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“Another worthy trip back to the baroque era digs up some completely unknown works by a composer that should have more due.   The ensemble deliver a heartfelt work that sounds like more than four people doing all the work.  Tasty stuff for series fans to spread the word with.” - Chris Spector (Midwest Record)

“Characteristic of a certain fantastical aspect in Avison's music that's nicely captured here... [the opus 8 sonatas] don't sound like any other chamber music of the period, and they're a nice find. The sound environment of the album is unique...original instruments.. a spacious, live quality. Compelling.” Performance 4/5; Sound 4/5 – James Manheim (Allmusic)
“Avison's Op. 1 are attractive Italianate ‘church' sonatas. He playing is committed and often impassioned. The recorded sound is excellent.” – George Pratt (BBC Music Magazine)
“Robert Howarth breezes through the plethora of notes in the harpsichord sonatas as if they were the proverbial piece of cake. Beznosiuk's playing is...imaginative.. always in the service of the music. Extensive notes on the composer, the music, the performers and the instruments are provide. The recorded sound is just about ideal. Highly recommended.” – Christopher Brodersen (Fanfare)
“The Avison Ensemble must be praised for its outstanding work...the double CD forms an attractive diptych portraying Avison at both ends of his career. The harpsichord writing is brilliant, even dazzling sometimes. The strings create a superb, well-balanced sound. There is much to learn from [Howarth's] subtle articulation and phrasing.” – Ibrahim Aziz (The Consort)
“Here is evidence of [Avison's] mastery of sonata form; a vast array of effects and techniques, all crafted with elegance. The players are steeped in the Tyneside master's output and deliver with panache. - Classical Music

“The rediscovery of this composer and his music has been long overdue. Played with relish and charm... ideal sound. A most desirable release.” – Piers Burton-Page (International Record Review)

“Another admirable disc [in the Divine Art Avison catalogue]... the outstanding Avison Ensemble. The music is lovely, and the works are performed with insight and conviction.” – Em Marshall (Albion Magazine)

“This is a captivating collection of sonatas, which is given outstanding and expressive performances. The ensemble is excellent, and the balance between the instruments is just right. An enjoyable set with music which varies from expressive to entertaining, The Avison Enesemble is once again an eloquent advocate of the oeuvre of this master of the English baroque.” – Johan van Veen (MusicWeb)

“The sonata movements sometimes display a chromatic daring that suggests a composer of real originality and power. Robert Howarth is here the brilliant protagonist.” – Robert Anderson (Music and Vision)