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Acknowledged without reservation as the greatest composer working in England in the 18th century, Georg Frideric Handel is revered worldwide as a master composer. His Harpsichord Suites are among the finest instrumental works of the period, we are privileged to present exquisite performances by Gilbert Rowland, one of Europe's foremost harpsichordists.

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Suite in G minor HWV432 - Gigue






Suite in G minor, HWV432
Suite in D minor, HWV437
Suite in F major, HWV427
Suite in F sharp minor, HWV431
Suite in B flat major, HWV434
Suite in G major, HWV450
Suite in C minor, HWV444
Suite in F minor, HWV433
Suite in D minor, HWV436
Chaconne in G major, HWV435

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“ It is impossible to praise this new release too highly. Fabulous playing.The combination of Handel, Gilbert Rowland, Wooderson's fine harpsichord, the recording venue at Holy Trinity Church, Weston, Hertfordshire and the recording engineer John Taylor is unbeatable providing, as it does, a collection of these wonderful suites that I will return to again and again.” – ‘The Classical Reviewer'

“A fine instrument, with silvery, bell-like timbres in the upper register and a richly sonorous bass. Rowland's changes of registration for repeats are judicious and tasteful, revealing fully the beauties of his instrument. A highly satisfying version of Handel's Suites… as the final notes die away, one is simply left with a strong temptation to shout “Bravo!”. – Brian Robins (Harpsichord & Fortepiano)

“The sound is robust and powerful, and Rowland uses every inch of the keyboards, generally with bright and decisive attack.The articulation and ornamentation in particular are precise and clear. I found much to admire in the robust performances and sometimes sensitive interpretations. In short this is a worthy sequel.” – Bertil van Boer (Fanfare)

[Rowland] combines amazingly graceful virtuosity with original filigree and huge experience to give readings that all listeners should respond to. The two-manual period replica harpsichord (1750) has a sweet, rounded sound and action that react superbly to Rowland's texturising touch and Handel's illuminative imagination. Rowland et al have sensitively used not only the same venue but recorded at the same time of year, giving audio that is consistent as well as generally pleasing.” – Byzantion (MusicWeb)
“These modern recordings are cleanly and most listenably played ... the music is conveyed with impeccable fingerwork and an admirable sense of style. This series could and should run and run. Meanwhile, snap up these albums without delay and bask in some unfailingly delicious playing.” – Michael Round (International Record Review – joint review with vol. 1)

“The playing is exciting and eloquent throughout, and Rowland thoroughly understands the subtle effectiveness of Handel's panache” – Robert Anderson (Daily Classical Music)