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The third in a series of albums by this leading flute and piano duo (and their seventh recording for Divine Art) in which we welcome back some iconic recordings previously issued by ASV (and long unavailable) together with some new recordings; this 2 CD set at mid price has several major works by British and Irish composers, from the early 18th to the late 20th century. As ever the duo demonstrate both remarkable virtuosity and also super musicality and depth in these mainly 'Romantic' works. The set is provided in luxury packaging at no extra cost, with detailed notes on the music. From the funfilled quirky and jazz-inflected Sonata by Malcolm Arnold through more 'serious' pieces by Leighton and Mathias, back to the late baroque sonata of John Ranish, this program is a perfect compilation of lyrical music for flute and piano.

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CD DURATION:  CD1: 68.46 CD2: 60.52

AUDIO SAMPLE: Kenneth Leighton:
Serenade in C (extract)

dealer release date: March 10, 2015





CD program:
Malcolm Arnold:
Sonata for Flute and Piano, Op. 21
Granville Bantock:
Pagan Poem
Peter Lamb:
Sonata for Flute and Piano
Sonatina for Flute and Piano
Cyril Scott:
The Ecstatic Shepherd
Kenneth Leighton:
Serenade in C
John Ranish:
Flute Sonata in B minor, Op. 2 No. 3
Richard Rodney Bennett:
Summer Music
William Mathias:
Sonatina for Flute and Piano
Eugene Goossens:
The Breath of Ney
Thomas Dunhill:
Suite for Flute and Piano
Howard Blake:
Edwin York Bowen:
Sonata for Flute and Piano, Op. 120
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“This double CD of flute and piano music is a rare treat. One must not get too carried away with the repertoire and ignore the excellent playing by flautist Kenneth Smith and pianist Paul Rhodes. These are stunning performances from first to last. This two CD set is a fine compilation that will prove attractive and essential to all British music enthusiasts and all lovers of flute music.” - John France (MusicWeb)

The cover alone will be enough to attract the interest of casual browsers but this new set contains many fine works, some by composers that are rarely recorded, all in very fine performances indeed… phenomenally accurate playing. This is a very fine set indeed with some of the finest performances of works for flute and piano I have heard. The booklet and presentation are up to Divine Art's usual high standards with first rate notes from Kenneth Smith and Paul Rhodes.” – Bruce Reader (The Classical Reviewer)

“This double CD set includes a host of major works for flute and piano by some of the most influential composers of the 20th century. These sonatas, sonatinas and suites demonstrate Smith and Rhodes' usual panache, musicality and virtuosity on their seventh CD for Divine Art.” - John Pitt (New Classics)

“There can hardly be a more magical-sounding combination than flute and piano as this two CD set amply demonstrates. It also shows how widely ranging and diverse is the musical language of this assemblage of British composers some of whom are hardly known and unfairly neglected. Both Kenneth Smith who is a true wizard on the flute and Paul Rhodes, a equal partner in every way are perfect vehicles through which to show off all that is best in these British compositions for flute and piano. This set is one to cherish and enjoy forever.” – Steve Arloff (MusicWeb)

“This is Divine and the album is a serious double CD from the flute and piano duo, playing both old pieces (some long unavailable) and new recordings. It features works by British and Irish composers, from the early 18th to the late 20th century. As a collection of works, it's technical rather than warmingly organic, if you see what we mean, though the quirkiness makes it a nice listen.” – Jeremy Condliffe (The Chronicle)

“These two discs of music from the British Isles for flute and piano reveal a staggering variety of approaches. Kenneth Smith was principal flute of London's Philharmonia Orchestra for many years, so that should give some idea of his pedigree and stature. All performances are of the highest standard.” - Colin Clarke (Fanfare)

“The primary value of this program is that the selections are not played often, though all the pieces are published and certainly worth hearing. The style of these compositions is straight­forward, tonal, and easily understood. All the interpretation and phrasing is tasteful, exuberant, and shows that the two musicians are presenting these little-known pieces with as much commitment and artistry as anyone could. Flutists should not hesitate to add anything by Kenneth Smith to their collections.” - Todd Gorman (American Record Guide)