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Acknowledged without reservation as the greatest composer working in England in the 18th century, Georg Frideric Handel is revered worldwide as a master composer. His Harpsichord Suites are among the finest instrumental works of the period, we are privileged to present exquisite performances by Gilbert Rowland, one of Europe's foremost harpsichordists. The first two volumes received very positive press reviews and this third and final instalment will not disappoint in the splendid playing and excellent instrument.

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CD DURATION:  CD1: 59:42 CD2: 69:28

Suite in B flat, HWV452 -

dealer release date: 12 May, 2015





Suite in A major, HWV 426
Suite in D minor, HWV447
Suite in G minor, HWV 452
Suite in B flat major, HWV 440
Suite in D minor, HWV 448
Suite in D minor, HWV 449
Suite in G minor, HWV 453
Suite in C minor, HWV 445
Suite in G minor, HWV 451
Suite in G major, HWV 442

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“Gilbert Rowland brings spectacularly fine playing as Handel's marvellous invention pours out. Absolutely terrific.  Gilbert Rowland draws so many lovely phrases, colours and textures to add to his terrific fluency, joy and sheer panache. He also brings natural authority and command. The recording is absolutely first class and there are excellent booklet notes by Gilbert Rowland.The combination of Handel, Gilbert Rowland, Wooderson's fine harpsichord, the recording venue at Holy Trinity Church, Weston, Hertfordshire and the recording engineer John Taylor is unbeatable providing, as it does, a collection of these wonderful suites that I will return to again and again. Sometimes with a project of this kind everything comes together as it does magnificently in this series. At mid-price these discs should be snapped up without delay.” - Bruce Reader (The Classical Reviewer)

“The present selection is made from both the principal collections as well as the miscellaneous group. The second disc concludes with the massive Chaconne and 62 variations from Suite in G major, HWV 442. The CD is worth buying for this alone and Rowland's playing is admirable throughout. The sound of this instrument is simply stunning: it has been superbly recorded. The liner-notes, written by Rowland, are most helpful. These notes are also printed in French and German. I have not heard the first two volumes of this cycle of Suites. However, based on this present two CD [set] I can only imagine that they will be equally successful. ” - John France (MusicWeb)

“Handel is renowned for his operas and orchestral pieces but turned out a large volume of keyboard music, which is largely overlooked. This double CD seeks to address this. Veteran player Rowland is a renowned harpsichordist so the standards are high. He plays crisply and it's entertaining.” – Jeremy Condliffe (The Chronicle)

“Handel continues to be revered as a master composer and his Harpsichord Suites are among the finest instrumental works of the period. This latest double-CD release in Divine Art's excellent recordings of Handel's unjustly neglected harpsichord suites features exquisite performances by veteran musician Gilbert Rowland ... splendid playing and outstanding instrument.” – John Pitt (New Classics)

“It is fascinating to have both early and mature works by Handel presented together, and Rowland has once again provided comprehensive notes on the music and its context, while the recorded sound is excellent. The complete recording of Handel's harpsichord suites is a tremendous undertaking. This will be a hugely enjoyable recording for all those who appreciate Handel's genius.” - Douglas Hollick (The Consort)

“ In a sense, this release cleans out the bottom drawers of the Handel keyboard repertoire, giving us music that is not readily available elsewhere. Rowland has completed his six-disc proj­ect, and there is some strong, heroic playing in this final set. He takes all the repeats and uses some enterprising embellishments. The Chaconne in G (422), a 17-minute piece with 62 variations, is remarkably exciting here as the grand conclusion.” – Bradley Lehmann (American Record Guide)

“Rowland's performances have grown over the course of the set, and I find that this is a fitting culmination with solid playing and a fine sense of ornamentation. I find that this will be a good edition to have.” - Bertil van Boer (Fanfare)