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The first installment of our new, ambitious project of enormous musical and historic importance: to record baroque works on many of the world's most valuable, historic and revered instruments. In some cases there will actuialy be first recordings of major works newly discovered...... we begin with one of the oldest instruments of all - the petite, softly-voiced 1570 Amati, already 150 years old when Telemann wrote his 12 Fantasies for Solo Violin and 12 Fantasies for Solo Flute. The latter are also written in a string-player-friendly way and this is the first recording of all 24 together.

Project series supported by the Royal Academy of Music, London; the Library of Congress, Washington DC, and several other fine institutions (and private collectors) whose assistance in providing recording facilities and in allowing access to these wonderful instruments makes this undertaking possible.

CD DURATION:  69:02 + 58:09

AUDIO SAMPLE: Fantasy for Violin No. 3

dealer release date: 12 May, 2015





CD program:

12 Fantasies for solo flute, TWV40:2-13

12 Fantasies for solo violin, TWV40:14-25
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“This rather lovely and delicate new album is the first instalment of an ambitious new project, to record baroque works on some of the world's most historic instruments. Although it's just one man and his violin, it's an interesting album. Telemann composed to entertain and the 24 pieces of music take in the sound of dance and folk ... It's charming rather than intellectually challenging. A very pleasing album, and the church gives it all a nicely timeless atmosphere.” – Jeremy Condliffe (The Chronicle)

“Absolutely terrific.... Whilst the equal star of this show is the 1570 Andrea Amati violin, it is this violinist's ability to draw so many fine details, timbres and textures that makes these such fine performances. There is no doubt that in Skærved's hands this is a glorious instrument. The recording is in a class of its own, detailed and spacious, giving one the feeling of being in the presence of spontaneous music making. The well-illustrated booklet is of the usual high standard we have come to expect from the Divine Art Recordings Group. This looks set to be a satisfying and rewarding series.” - Bruce Reader (The Classical Reviewer)
“[ These] are pleasing works ... music that Telemann wrote for unaccompanied instruments. . I can recommend these recordings for their historical interest. I can also recommend them for Skaerved's superb, very scholarly notes on each of the fantasies.” - Joseph Magil (American Record Guide)

“[Skaerved] draws an imposing range of timbres from the Amati violin. Skærved's individuality ... should be most welcome. Principally for the ambiance, the tonal splendor of the Amati violin, and for the strong sense of purpose Skærved displays throughout, these performances earn a warm recommendation” – Robert Maxham (Fanfare)

“Each of Telemann's sets is masterly in its own way. Sheppard Skærved's performance is solid and accomplished. I have emerged more impressed than ever by Telemann.” – Michael Talbot (The Consort)

“An ambitious and interesting project ... what distinguishes these fantasies is the richness of timbre and palette that expresses a fantastic range of nuances. Skærved's interpretation is idiomatic ... and therein lies the great merit of the production. The listener is able with these pleasant dynamics to easily locate the instrument in the soundstage, which is spatially close. Artistic rating: 4/5 Technical Rating: 5/5 ” – Andrea Bedetti (Music Voice, Italy)