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On this CD we present works by three well-known modern composers, Iannis Xenakis, Michael Finnissy and Morton Feldman, together with pieces by three young British composers whose work deserves more recognition. Philip Howard is a pianist of extraordinary talent, who copes with the fierce demands of these works with aplomb. Music by Paul Newland and Paul Whitty can also be found on divine art 29001

ALL WORLD PREMIÈRE RECORDINGS (except “Evryali” and “Palais de Mari”)


AUDIO SAMPLE: Xenakis: Evryali(extract)






The disc contains:

Paul Whitty (b.1970):De-coding Skin
Max Wilson (b.1973):Zeitlin [on]
Iannis Xenakis (1922-2001):Evryali
Paul Newland (b.1966): "…butterfly dreaming…” Michael Finnissy (b.1946): Eadweard Muybridge - Edvard Munch
Morton Feldman (1926-1987): Palais de Mari

review extracts: for full reviews click here
“This is an impressive, challenging debut... Howard's fingerprints as a performer are clearly evident throughout: a ferocious technical ability filtered through a bold and thoughtful interpretative intellect. Most refreshingly, he seems (perhaps by dint of being a composer himself) prepared to adapt his whole approach to the demands of some very different aesthetics, lapsing neither into received ideals of pianistic beauty nor into crudely iconoclastic dogmatism… [A ] brave and impressive display of musical intelligence and integrity”. – James Weeks  (Tempo)
“This may, at first sight and hearing, be a specialist issue, of interest only to those interested in the latest music, but I urge those listeners with rather broader tastes to seek this album out and to listen to it without preconceptions, for I believe it can bring surprising rewards. Every piece is superbly played with total belief by this most gifted pianist and I trust this CD will get the attention it clearly merits.”­- Robert Matthew-Walker (Musical Opinion)
“Many rewards… Howard…is pretty fearless… has all the qualities of intense concentration to bring the work off – and listen to the stunning way he projects the music [of “Palais de Mari] around the seven minute mark as being as delicate as porcelain…Highly recommended.” - Colin Clarke (MusicWeb)
"A fine début, with the many repertoire challenges within eloquently and skilfully met... Philip Howard plays to his strengths on this auspicious recorded début… this striking... programme augurs well for Philip Howard's future” - Richard Whitehouse (Gramophone)
“Wonderful stuff, ideal for this record label which is trying to forge its own unique image… As for Philip Howard, I am full of admiration. Technically he is totally assured in this challenging music. On top of that he has an innate ability to discover and use piano colour” – Gary Higginson (MusicWeb)