dda 25023
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Choral Music by James Cook
directed by Michael McCarthy
Organ: Rufus Frowde

James Cook writes for voices, mainly a capella,in numbers ranging from four to forty-plus. This disc includes less complicated items, written very much in the Anglican choral tradition, and ideal for church and amateur choirs. All first recordings.

Also available: "The Way to Heaven" DDA 25027. See composer index for vocal, organ and harp music by James Cook.


AUDIO SAMPLE: The Days of an Hireling ("Vespers")







Vespers (includes 8 sections)
Hymnus Divinus (includes 7 sections)
Triptych: Death is Yours; Evening Sacrifice
Gradualia, Book 2: There is no Wrinkle on the Brow of Eternity; The Saints' Everlasting rest

review extracts: for full reviews click here
“On the evidence of this disc James Cook writes sincere, accomplished and assured music. He is obviously inspired by his chosen texts… Cook ably builds on and renews the traditions of the music that has been written for the English Church in the last few centuries and that in itself is a cause for celebration. It is hard to imagine that his music could have been better served than by the expert singers who constitute Voces Oxoniensis. They are directed by Michael McCarthy in flawless performances. Tuning, ensemble and diction are all excellent and the engineers have recorded them clearly. The documentation is good and includes full English texts. I had not encountered the music of James Cook before but I hope to hear more of it in the future. I hope that this enterprising release will bring his music to a wider audience and will encourage other choirs to take it up – though they'll have to be good! Strongly recommended” - John Quinn (MusicWeb)
“The composer’s unique voice is quite discernible from one piece to the next. His harmonic schemes are varied and striking, and he adroitly explores a wide array of forms and techniques… he writes with considerable canonic and contrapuntal skill. He achieves real beauty and profundity, while displaying a sure knack for musical illumination of texts” – American Record Guide
Voces Oxonienses sing with rich tone and expressively, with good diction and excellent breath control. An interesting disc, indeed, and definitely worth hearing. - Church Music Quarterly