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THE FAR COUNTRY - 26 English Songs
by John Jeffreys

John Jeffreys was a 20th century British composer who specialised in music for solo voice and his songs, exemplified by this fine collection, are masterworks of the genre, directly in the tradition inherited from Moeran, Delius, Finzi, and especially Warlock.  Beautifully performed by James Gilchrist and Anna Tilbrook these works are timeless and will have lasting appeal.

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AUDIO SAMPLE: Under the leavès green






Awake thee my Bessy
The Song of Love
Under the leaves green
She is all so slight
Brown is my Love
Three Roses
Passing by
Horror follows Horror
Severn Meadows
From Omiecourt
|The Falcon
I am the Gilly of Christ
Drop, drop slow tears
O my dere hert
Corpus Christi
Full fathom five
When that I was
O mistress mine
Black Stitchel
The Far Country
All night under the moon
The Salley Gardens
Little trotty Wagtail
The Whin
She is ever for the new
Jillian of Berry

review extracts: for full reviews click here
“Jeffreys could be counted among the great songwriters of the second English Renaissance… hi sparse, evanescent accompaniments are incredibly evocative and his melodies…release the fragrant depths of his chosen texts with seemingly effortless grace. Beautifully realised by tenor James Gilchrist” – Robert Levett (International Record Review)
“This is music for a quiet evening – in contemplation of some of the less complex emotions aroused by things fine and beautiful – all beautifully sung by James Gilchrist with Anna Tilbrook accompanying.” - Colin Scott-Sutherland (MusicWeb)

“Worthy of comparison to much better-known composers....[Jeffreys] has an exceptional ability to create a variety of musical expressions that fit the words. You will not want to pass this up. Gilchrist's voice has a gentleness, warmth and sweetness that is just right, and his enunciation is impeccable. Good notes and texts. “ – R. Moore (American Record Guide)

“Not ‘fashionable’ perhaps, but a composer sensitive both to words and music. The programme includes eight first recordings. Tenor James Gilchrist has a warm voice, and has the support of a fine pianist. “ - John Steane (Gramophone)
“James Gilchrist is the splendid soloist on this disc, his excellent diction and great beauty of tone demonstrated in a wide range of moods.” – Em Marshall (Albion Magazine)

“Advocacy such as this is great for any composer, and still more so for one whose music has not yet attracted the attention it deserves. In James Gilchrist these present songs have an excellent advocate. Overall this is a very good disc indeed. These songs deserve the exposure that discs like this make possible. They are in the best traditions of the English song genre and collectors... will find this disc has many rewards.” – John Quinn (MusicWeb)