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Composer John Jeffreys died on 3 September 2010. We are deeply saddened by the passing of a highly skilled composer.     
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THE PHILHARMONIA ORCHESTRA, conducted by Paul Bateman
Jonathan Veira (baritone), Shelley Katz (piano)
Paul Bateman (piano, Orchestra da Camera conducted by Kenneth Page

The music of John Jeffreys is an absolute delight - overtly Romantic and non-modernist, very much in the tradition of Delius, Warlock and Vaughan Williams. Here a number of delicious orchestral works of stunning beauty are accompanied by fine dramatic vocal works and a Suite of Variations for piano. This CD is essential for anyone interested in the English pastoral tradition - or just in exqusite music.

Two CDs of Jeffreys songs also available from Divine Art:
"The Far Country" (James Gilchrist) dda25049 "Northumberland and Beyond" (Ian Partridge) ddv24128


AUDIO SAMPLE: Bickleigh Idyll (beginning) 






Serenade for Strings
Orchestra da Camera, cond. Kenneth Page
Toby's Dreams and Elegy
Paul Bateman (piano)
Sweeney the Mad
A Lyke Wake Dirge
Jonathan Veira (baritone), Shelley Katz, (piano)
Poem for End
Jonathan Veira (baritone),
Philharmonia Orchestra, cond. Paul Bateman
Elegy for a Conductor
Bickleigh Idyll
Philharmonia Orchestra, cond. Paul Bateman

review extracts: for full reviews click here

“Mournful, evocative music, definitely stemming from the heart but devoid of any saccharine sentimentality. Traditional, tonal, solid old-school writing. The instrumentation is keen; Elegy for John Fry... could stand head-to-head with works in the genre by Elgar and Vaughan Williams. The recording has lot of body and creates a natural perspective and sense of open space.” – Jean-Yves Duperron (Classical Music Sentinel)

“This CD... did wonders for my mental health. Jeffreys's music calmed me and made me feel that I was in good hands. Anguished thought and feelings are applied with a delicate brush and lose none of their impact for being invoked with reticence and taste. Toby's Dreams and Elegy {are] dignified yet sometimes wry little gems. Jeffreys might not be the most daring composer on the block but there is no doubting his sincerity and his appeal. I pity any musician so jaded that he or she would be unwilling to reciprocate.” – Raymond S. Tuttle (International Record Review)

“Under-rated composer John Jeffreys' orchestral pieces are very much songs without words. The stand-out work is Poem for End.” – Peter Palmer (Nottingham Post)
“An instinctive fondness for melodic lines and rich contemplative gestures...unmistakable overtones of Delius and Frank Bridge. [Elegy for John Fry] is a warm and peaceful tribute...Poem for End.. is a substantial work, beautifully paced and scored. Gentle passions and distinctive craftsmanship.” – Patric Standford (Music and Vision)
“[Jeffreys'][Partridge disc was highly enjoyable but in some ways this latest one scores higher because it presents music in more than one genre by this interesting composer. [Serenade] is a lovely little piece... This disc continues and expands the favourable impression made on me[by the previous on]. John Jeffreys is a sincere composer with something to say – and that something is worth hearing, This disc offers an excellent introduction to his music.” – John Quinn (MusicWeb)
“[Starts] with a recording of Jeffreys's delightful Serenade for Strings, lively if all too brief. Jeffreys's response [ to the Gurney words of Poem for End], as for the rest, is most sensitive, as it is even for his bold setting of the Lyke Wake Dirge. Excellent baritone, Jonathan Veira, firm and dark in tone. A very varied collection offered in clear, well-balanced sound.” – Edward Greenfield (Gramophone)