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Our series continues with one of the lesser known figures of 20th century Russian music - and some wonderful music which is brilliantly constructed. This is high Romantic music at its very best; a sumptuous Sonata, and several more pieces which can be considered equal to the established repertoire and is truly among the most virtuosic and rich music ever written.

(previously very briefly available on Olympia)

vol. 1 - Shostakovich and Comrades  vol. 2 - Vladimir Rebikov vol. 3 - Reinhold Glière
vol. 5 - Anton Arensky
vol. 6 - Sergei Rachmaninov   vol. 7 - Sergei Prokofiev
vol. 8 - Modest Mussorgsky    vol. 9 - Mieczyslaw Weinberg vol. 10 - Mieczyslaw Weinberg  
vol. 11 - Galina Ustvolskaya
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CD DURATION:  72:36  

AUDIO SAMPLE: Nocturne (opening)  







Piano Sonata in F minor, Op. 27
Barcarolle in G sharp minor, Op. 46
Variations on a Georgian Theme, Op. 60
Fêtes de Noël, Op. 41
Nocturne in D flat major, Op. 8
Mazurka No. 8 in G minor, Op. 36

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"Massive technique, musicality allied to aptness, excellent engineering and production, and insightful and entertaining liner notes." - MusicWeb Records of the Year 2010
“Goldstone has proved himself to be one cool cat. If you love classical music with a flourish, this is right up your alley. With never a dull moment, you'll fall in love with something you should have heard a long time ago. Well done.” – Chris Spector (MidWest Record)
“I was bowled over by Anthony Goldstone's consummate artistry and sheer virtuosity in these multi faceted pieces... Fastidiously detailed notes and fine recordings complement what must be one of the highlights of piano recordings this year.” – Gerald Fenech (ClassicalNet – joint review of dda25081, 25083 and 25084)
“This is an excellent disc and one that should not be missed... Anthony Goldstone proves to be a superb guide to this unfamiliar repertoire. He has the full measure of it musically as well as technically. Goldstone provides also an illuminating and enthusiastic liner note – a model of its kind, add an excellent recording and you will understand my enthusiasm. This is a disc in which all those involved can take great pride. Revelatory repertoire superbly performed, recorded and beautifully presented.” – Nick Barnard (MusicWeb)

“Lyapunov's works have a breadth and grandness beyond that achieved by Balakirev, and in contrast with [his mentor] Balakirev's focussed and melancholy Sonata, Lyapunov's feels expansive and rhapsodic. There is another recording of these works (Marco Polo 8223468), but Anthony Goldstone's is in every way preferable for insight, virtuosity – at a high level, these works require serious pianism—and recording quality. Less melancholy than Rachmaninov, more characterful than Medtner, this is music of poise, elegance and dignity that will provide much listening satisfaction.” – Chris Dench (Thomas's)

“An attractive programme. One wonders why we don't hear more of this romantic composer? It's a feast for piano buffs.” – Peter Spaull (Liverpool Daily Post)
“All of Goldstone's discs are highly satisfying, played with power and conviction.... his solo recordings are all of immense interest.” – Marius Dawn (Pianist)A Pianist Recommended Recording

“A praiseworthy enterprise... Anthony Goldstone delivers unrivalled versions of all the pieces that he records. {He} never stops at technical flamboyance, giving priority to the lyricism and the melody. Superb disc.. magnificently interpreted.” – Fred Audin (ClassiqueInfo-disque)

“Chopin himself would relish the conscious attempts to escape the tonality through Lisztian embellishments. What a tease! Delights galore, with performances matching the recording.” – Bill Newman (Music & Vision)

“This is a nice collection of CDs of the Russian piano repertoire... Anthony Goldstone is an interpreter we can't overlook. The repertoire he presents is not just special and precious, but also put forward with remarkable cultural intelligence. Goldstone convinces and charms us” – Riccardo Risaliti (Musica) – joint review of vols 2-5.
“Anthony Goldstone is no slouch when it comes to performing rare and difficult music. Excellent notes and sonorous recorded sound.” – Becker (American Record Guide)