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Arensky was a fine pianist who actually made several recordings in the 1890s; his pianism is evident in his compositions for the instrument and he could easily be thought of as the Russian Chopin - brilliantly conceived works in the high Romantic tradition which deserve to be highly popular.

This recording was previously released briefly on Olympia

vol. 1 - Shostakovich and Comrades  vol. 2 - Vladimir Rebikov vol. 3 - Reinhold Glière
vol. 4 - Sergei Lyapunov
   vol. 6 - Sergei Rachmaninov   vol. 7 - Sergei Prokofiev
vol. 8 - Modest Mussorgsky    vol. 9 - Mieczyslaw Weinberg vol. 10 - Mieczyslaw Weinberg 
 vol. 11 - Galina Ustvolskaya
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CD DURATION:  71:26  

AUDIO SAMPLE: Étude no. 12 in G sharp minor  







12 Préludes, Op. 63
Essais sur des rythmes oubliés, Op. 28
12 Études, Op. 74
Arabesques (Suite), Op. 67
3 Morceaux, Op. 42

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“Many of the 38 pieces on this fine CD acquire the status of gems. Salon music in the best sense, such writing is raised by Anthony Goldstone to a still higher level. Short in length but often sizeable in virtuoso demands, all this music is played by Goldstone with unflagging musical energy and brio. Admirably recorded and presented.” – Bryce Morrison (Gramophone)
Gramophone Magazine Gold Award Recommended Recording
“Rock solid technique... totally attuned to both the core style of the repertoire and equally at ease with one-minute bon-bons or large-scale sonatas. This empathy extends beyond the performances to include some of the most interesting and best written performer liner notes that I have read. Ravishing filigree writing, that Goldstone plays with artless ease and the subtlest rubato – this really is a masterclass in the playing of this style of music. A superb conclusion to a triumphant series of discs in which Mr Goldstone can take enormous pride. Bravo!” – Nick Barnard (MusicWeb)
“All of Goldstone's discs are highly satisfying, played with power and conviction.... his solo recordings are all of immense interest.” – Marius Dawn (Pianist)A Pianist Recommended Recording
“Goldstone performs all of this music in fine fashion, with a connoisseur's appreciation for its elaborate traceries...plenty of color here, and expressiveness that never sounds forced. Sound quality is good. Divine Art deserves a nod of thanks for bringing this release... back into print” – Barry Brenesal (Fanfare)
“[Arensky's] music, that includes symphonies, concertos, chamber and instrumental pieces is extremely well crafted, and a strong melodic vein is a constant feature. The piano works that make up this issue reveal a master miniaturist. Many of the pieces last just over a minute, but their idiomatic timbre and graceful subtlety make them highly attractive creations. As in the previous recordings, Anthony Goldstone's love for this music is all too apparent, and his advocacy for these Arensky gems is splendidly accurate and spontaneous. That emotional touch is not amiss either. This is an exciting and wonderful conclusion to an innovative series” – Gerald Fenech (Classical Net)

“[Arensky's] music is enjoyable, well crafted, melodic and not without charm... there is much that is very beautiful and nothing falls short of elegant.. [Goldstone] is dramatic and modern in sound. Goldstone is a wonderful interpreter and people enamored of the piano will be considerably poorer if they do not invest in this. “ – Becker (American Record Guide)

“This is a nice collection of CDs of the Russian piano repertoire... Anthony Goldstone is an interpreter we can't overlook. The repertoire he presents is not just special and precious, but also put forward with remarkable cultural intelligence. Goldstone convinces and charms us” – Riccardo Risaliti (Musica) – joint review of vols 2-5.