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Carson Cooman is one of America's most prolific and feted composers of our time. Also writer, critic, teacher and organist (Organist and Composer in Residence at Harvard), his music is never avant-garde but varies from the mildly challenging in harmonic structure to firmly traditional tonality, all with a fine sense of style and inspiration. This album presents a program of recent organ music (mostly composed 2012-3) of lyrical, Romantic and pastoral nature, but with plenty of variety. It;s a beautiful album enhanced by the marvellous playing of Erik Simmons and the wonderful Marcussen organ of Laurenskerk, Rotterdam.

Also by Carson Cooman:
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AUDIO SAMPLE: Joysong (extract)






Toccata Festiva
Preludio on a Swedish Tune
Sonata da Chiesa
Ricercare on Two Czech Hymns
Prélude a la mémoire de Jean Langlais
Fanfare for a Duchess at St. Andrew's
Sonatina No. 1
Suite Breve

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“ Great music, performed on a magnificent pipe organ, by an organist at the top of his game, all captured in vividly realistic sound. In other words, an outstanding recording. I never give out stars or number ratings but if I did, this CD would get 6 out of 5 stars, or a rating of 11 out of 10. Cooman's music is highly original and, on this recording anyway, all the pieces are as varied from one another as they are captivating. A state of the art recording so realistic you would swear you are sitting right there at the organ console. I believe Divine Art have released a benchmark recording. Recommended for everyone and definitely not to be missed by pipe organ fans.” - Jean-Yves Duperron (Classical Music Sentinel)

“ The recital opens with the stunning Toccata Festiva. The contrasting styles and moods set forth in the first several works continue apace throughout the remainder of the CD. Cooman writes as well as anyone I know writing these days for the organ. Erik Simmons, apart from his technical proficiency, knows just which colors to extract from the instrument to effectively show­case the works heard here.” - David DeBoor Canfield (Fanfare)

“The album up today is not totally indispensible. Not that is, unless you are an organ music aficionado. Cooman writes inventive, modern tonal music that follows in the footsteps of the French school of organ composers. There is much to like. The performances and sound leave nothing to be desired. It's all there. Cooman ... is a bright light that shines for us. Organ fans take note! Recommended.” – Grego Edwards (Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review

“ It is good to hear works for organ so sensitively written and beguiling to the ear. There are some real gems of the organ literature on this appealing recording. Erik Simmons is a fine organist who reveals all the little details and textures of these pieces. The recording is first rate. As usual with Divine Art productions, the booklet is beautifully produced with excellent booklet notes complete with organ specification.” - ‘The Classical Reviewer'

“Those who know Carson Cooman's choral style will understand the easy appeal that his music manages while seldom attracting the damning label of accessibility. This is a collection of vigorous pieces communicated through a tonal yet still personal language. Simmons plays with musical comprehension as well as the clinical precision demanded by the clear-cut, sometimes startling, sounds of the IV/85 Marcussen, which suit the music.” XXXX – Matthew Power (Choir & Organ)
“Nice music, beautifully crafted, and perfect for the occasion. I'm very impressed with [Simmons's] playing. The balance and finish of [the organ's] scaling and voicing and the state of its tuning ... is almost too good... Such perfection... Charming CD. You will enjoy it.” – George Bozeman (The Tracker – Journal of the Organ Historical Society

“I found the contents of this disc to be quite delightful. Among his dizzying array of activities Cooman is also an organist, and so this is very much his home ground. He obviously loves his instrument and its resources, and that shows in the results offered here... this CD is cordially recommended.” - James A. Altena (Fanfare)