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After more than thirty years Anthony Goldstone and Caroline Clemmow can lay claim to be regarded as one of the world's foremost piano duos, displaying stunning precision in their ensemble and remarkable musicality. Following their critically acclaimed Divine Art CDs containing transcriptions of works by Dvorak, Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky, Schubert and Chopin, they present music by Russian Romantic and exoticist Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov – in the case of his most famous work, Scheherazade, and the little Neapolitan Song (which he unwittingly stole from composer Luigi Denza thinking it was a traditional folk song), the transcriptions are by the composer himself. Antar was transcribed by his wife Nadezhda Purgold, a skiiled composer herself who also arranged Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet (dda 25020). Click 'artist profile' above to see all of our Goldstone and Clemmow recordings.


AUDIO SAMPLE: Scheherazade: Festival at Baghdad (extract)

dealer release date: 30 September 2014





CD program:
Scheherazade, Symphonic Suite, Op. 35
Antar, Symphonic Suite, Op. 9
Neapolitan Song, Op. 63

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“Just listened to the new "Scheherazade" disc - it's magnificent! I felt like jumping up and shouting "BRAVO" after each movement. “ – John Monhoff (California)

“This top-flight piano twosome conjures scintillating keyboard colours in Sheherazade; Antar is also finely played, and Rimsky's  'Funiculì, funiculà' arrangement is a riot.” - Malcolm Hayes (BBC Music Magazine)

“The level of musicianship and pianism [in Scheherazade ] is of the highest order. It's a really good interpretation, full of excitement, subtlety and power. . As good as Scheherazade is the Goldstone and Clemmow duo are even more spectacular in this sensational arrangement [of Antar ]. The sound quality is suitably big-boned and clear. [Neapolitan Song] brings this superb disc to a thrilling conclusion.” – John Whitmore (MusicWeb)

“This supremely romantic work combines two features typical of Russian music and of Rimsky-Korsakov: dazzling, colourful orchestration and an interest in the East. After more than thirty years, Anthony Goldstone and Caroline Clemmow can lay claim to be one of the world's leading piano duos, displaying stunning precision and remarkable musicality.” - New Classics

“[Scheherazade} is a wonderful transcription, in its own way, beautifully written for the piano... this "Antar" transcription is an excellent piece of work by a woman who was anything but a dilettante or a publishing house drone, and it is every bit as enjoyable as her husband's transcription of Scheherazade. Goldstone and Clemmow's lengthy list of recordings goes from one highlight to the next. these are first-class pianists with technique that never lets the music down, and with enough good taste to let the music be fun and engaging. This, then, is a beautiful CD.” – Raymond Tuttle (Fanfare)

“ Husband-and-wife team Anthony Goldstone and Caroline Clemmow – cast-iron guarantees of superb performances. In its favour, this particular duet arrangement [of Scheherazade] has considerable documentary value. The end result is astonishing. Goldstone and Clemmow are immaculate and infinitely persuasive in [Antar], this its premiere recording, making me re-evaluate a piece I used to consider simply over-repetitive. [Neapolitan Song] is a hugely enjoyable piece (radio stations please note) and a superb way to end an unexpectedly colourful disc.” - Michael Round (International Record Review)

“In these transcriptions the playing of the outstanding British duo Goldstone and Clemmow is so good and refined, so brilliant and colorful, that we easily forget the lack of an orchestra. The music is superbly recorded and has an overwhelming sound power.” - XXXXX Remy Franck (Pizzicato)

" Everything about this disc is ideal. The liner-notes, by Anthony Goldstone are most helpful and present a strong case for the playing of these transcriptions. The quality of the sound is clear and vibrant throughout allowing every nuance and detail to be clearly heard. The playing by Goldstone and Clemmow is superb: enthusiasm, subtlety and a concern for the works' inherent exuberance are perfectly balanced." - John France (MusicWeb)

“Surely Anthony Goldstone and Caroline Clemmow  are Britain's finest piano duo. This duo bring a lovely variety of colours and textures in the broader passages, full of atmosphere, conjuring up so much of Rimsky Korsakov's original orchestral brilliance. There is terrific accuracy here, lovely sweeps of music with a fine authority and panache. Again they bring so many fine moments with lovely colours, textures and rhythmic turns, the music positively glowing at times. There are excellent booklet notes from Anthony Goldstone and, as ever, Divine Art's production standards are first class with a nicely produced booklet.” - Bruce Reader (The Classical Reviewer)

“ With orchestral color stripped away, the piano transcriptions are more revealing of the harmonic skeleton of these works, and listeners are likely to encounter previously unnoticed touches of harmonic color. [Scheherazade], rendered with an open texture and incisive attacks, works superbly in the hands of these excellent duo-pianists. [In [In Antar], as in Scheherazade, the playing of Goldstone and Clemmow is very accomplished, sensitive or highly charged as required, with inci­sive attacks and clear, precise articulation. I found this disc very enjoyable and in some ways revealing, and I recommend it to those who, as Goldstone suggests, would like to experience these works in a "totally new light." “- Daniel Morrison (Fanfare)

“ Playing and synchronisation are technically immaculate and interpretation happily recalls that of orchestral performances.” – Michael Round (International Piano)

Goldstone and Clemmow give it a zing and sparkle. It's an enjoyable 77 minutes. A pleasing album for piano fans.” - Jeremy Condliffe (The Chronicle)

“Goldstone and Clemmow offer a tight, colorful performance... , there is a clarity to the piano per­formances that can't be matched by a full orchestra. The preci­sion of ensemble and clarity of the many orchestral voices are also to be admired. [Neapolitan Song has] some great harmonies; and I can't imagine a more effective encore piece for two pianists.” - James Harrington (American Record Guide)

“Forget Rimsky for orchestra!. Just grab a copy of this... you can rest assured you will not fail to enjoy this disc” – Arthur Francis (Amazon customer)