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FLOWING WATERS: music by Luke Whitlock
ANNA STOKES (flute); JAMES MELDRUM (clarinet); VICKY CROWELL (bassoon); WAI-YIN LEE (piano)

Luke Whitlock's music is firmly rooted in traditional harmonies and tonal bases, lyrical and expressive. This is the first album devoted to his work and features acclaimed pianist Duncan Honeybourne in solo works ranging from Whitlock's survey of 18th century Suite form, to two picture-pieces and a lively, witty and sparkling waltz. A very open, airy flute sonata and three impressionist works for wind trio make this a fine introduction to music of wide appeal.

"Lovely music with a distinctive voice" - Julian Lloyd-Webber
"It is quite beautiful, soothing, peaceful and extremely melodic. Who could ask for anything more?" - Don Black (Diamonds are Forever, Born Free, etc.)


AUDIO SAMPLE: As Shadows Fall (extract)

dealer release date: 1st June 2015






CD program:
Suite Antique (piano solo)
Flowing Waters (piano solo)
Evening Prayer (piano solo)
The Faust and Mephisto Waltz (piano solo)
Three Pieces for Wind Trio
Flute Sonata

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“This rather beautiful CD from Mr Whitlock had a dozen plays before we could press pause... simple in form and easy for the listener to appreciate quickly. Highly recommended.” – Jeremy Condliffe (The Chronicle)

"Luke Whitlock's debut CD, Flowing Waters, is a collection of beautifully composed pieces. Being a pianist myself, I'm particularly fond of the expressive and varied piano music on the CD, which is superbly performed by Duncan Honeybourne."  - Debbie Wiseman MBE (Film & Television Composer)

“Duncan Honeybourne is peerless in his handling of the [solo piano] music. The three [wind] players are assured and confident and show clear sympathy with the music. It was a real pleasure to make acquaintance with [Whitlock's] music again and I would earnestly recommend listeners to hear music which is so immediately communicative as well as displaying the development of Whitlock's style. Flowing waters and Evening prayer , if they are indicative of the manner in which his writing is moving, make one eager to hear more.” - Paul Corfield Godfrey (MusicWeb)

"I have listened "right-through" and again in shorter sections and found lots of lovely moods. My own immediate favourite - and I believe for many other listeners - is without doubt "Evening Prayer". It is also beautifully played!"   - Joseph Horowitz (composer)

“ An attractive and interesting retrospective of approachable and well-constructed compositions ... enthusiastic and sympathetic playing from all the soloists. ‘Evening Prayer' is spacious and quite lovely. The composer has mastered the difficult art of writing ‘wind' chamber music. I look forward to hearing more from this composer's pen.” - John France (MusicWeb)

“ Much of the writing is charming and emi­nently approachable. Honeybourne's per­formance is simply beautiful, even in its most powerful and haunting moments. Again {in the Wind Trio] the music is charming and the performance excellent. [A] splendid introduction to a fine, skilled composer.” - Colin Clarke (Fanfare)

“Suite Antique is a collection of  six early dances. They are tonal and attractive music. Evening Prayer is a rich sounding piano piece often with beautiful nuances, music perhaps standing between Debussy and Satie. The Sonata for flute and piano is the most rewarding work on this disc. It is easy on the flute but never commonplace. The sound and performances are of quality and there is an obvious sincerity in this composer's music.” – David Wright (Wrightmusic) copyright David C F Wright 2015 not to be reproduced without permission

"This superb collection marks the arrival of a major new talent. The title track, melancholic but sublime, begins with hints of Philip Glass's seminal 'Glassworks', before taking on shades of Chopin, and is the album's stand-out piece, performed brilliantly by Duncan Honeybourne. Elsewhere, there are hints of Shostakovich at his most capricious in the devilishly good 'Faust and Mephisto Waltz'. (See what I did there?) Thoroughly recommended for fans of contemporary classical music." - David Llewellyn (Amazon)

“The music is lyrical, elegant and witty, at times mininalist and at others more richly textured in the manner of Chopin or Liszt. The music contained on this album is very accessible and will certainly appeal to those listeners who may initially shy away from “new music”. Recommended.” - Frances Wilson (The Cross-Eyed Pianist)

“No shortage of pastiche and Satiesque humour in this Exeter-born composer's neo-classical Suite Antique. The title track's depiction of the River Teign draws on Glass and Reich, and satirical humour, Whitlock's strong point, re-emerges in a finale Waltz.” - Nick Shave (BBC Music Magazine)