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dda 25136       Mozart world premiere recording!
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conducted by SANTIAGO MANTAS

Mozart's Wind Serenades need little introduction as staples of the repertoire and true works of genius. This fine performance by the EUCO brings fresh life to these well-loved works, but something more: Mozart revised the
E flat serenade into Octet form (it was previously a septet) but the publishers made serious errors in the score, omitting part of the minuet and inserting a spurious bar. Santiago Mantas has prepared a new performing edition to correct these errors, and this is the first recording of the complete Serenade as intended by Mozart.


AUDIO SAMPLE: Gran Partita (beginning)

dealer release date: October 14, 2016





CD program:

Serenade in B flat major, K, 361 ("Gran Partita")

Serenade in E flat major, K. 375
(world premiere recording of complete work)

review extracts: for full reviews click here

“An excellent and highly valuable disc. The wind players of the EUCO make an admirable combination in terms of musicianship, and the tempos of Santiago Mantas are most beautifully judged. With such expressive playing and excellent sound as this, here is an eminently recommendable coupling of these masterpieces – and a world premiere Mozart recording is not to be overlooked!. awarded 5/5 – Robert Matthew-Walker (Musical Opinion)

“New release from the highly skilled Octet of the European Union Chamber Orchestra, who deliver a delightful reading. Mantas nicely balances the general optimism of the "Gran Partita" with its excursions into stateliness, melancholy, wistfulness, and self-reflective seriousness... this reading sustains its interest over the long span, which is what the music needs. Faithful, vivid sound. On every count this is one of my preferred CDs of two lovable masterpieces.” - Huntley Dent (Fanfare)

“[A] most elegant performance of two of Mozart's wind serenades. This CD is the first recording in which we are able to hear the original version; this performance therefore constitutes an important contribution to Mozartian studies. The recording is extremely balanced and clear; the interpretation by Santiago Mantas is graceful and well-informed. This is a thoroughly enjoyable recording, of the highest calibre.” - Elizabeth Rees (The Consort)

“The work [Gran Partita] presents a mammoth design for chamber wind instruments, it provides a masterful display piece for any philharmonic's principal players. Since answers to the questions of eingangen  (little cadenzas), double-dotting, ornamentation, grace notes, tempos, and more can only be guessed at each conductor makes his own choices, and I must admit I find those by Mantas compelling. Conductor Mantas can rightly boast that his version of the E-flat Serenade, K. 375 (1781) gives us the premiere of its complete score as Mozart intended. The resultant performance gives us a model of Mozart's large-serenade style. a model job by all principals. Lovely sound reproduction, courtesy of veteran Recording Engineer Tony Faulkner” - Gary Lemco (Audiophile Audition)

“Thoroughly pleasurable from the first minute to the last. The present recording has indeed restored the ‘second trio' [of K.375] and has also excised the faulty bar. The European Union Chamber Orchestra and their conductor Santiago Mantas for this enterprise, give an excellent performance of these two works. There is excitement, occasional melancholy and almost constant delight and enjoyment... the above noted corrections to the score make this a valuable version to possess.” - John France (MusicWeb)

“Even if this release were not as recommendable as it is, it would have strong claims on the dedicated Mozartean, for here is the “première recording of complete Serenade”, the one known as K375. Santiago Mantas shows a judicious sense of tempo, ripe for clear articulation and vivid detailing, gratefully taken by the players, and superbly recorded, with presence, clarity and tonal fidelity. Mantas and the EUCO ensemble ensure … enjoyable and enlightening listening.” – Colin Anderson (Classical Source)

“It's Mozart, it's played well, what more is there to say? All that can be said is that it's a pleasure from start to finish. We tend to avoid the big beasts of classical music, but Mozart is still Mozart, and this is excellent.” - Jeremy Condliffe (The Chronicle)

“This new release has one unique selling point in that Santiago Mantas has drawn on modern scholarship to produce and record his own corrected edition. The restoration wouldn't be of any importance were the performance on the Divine Art CD not so persuasive. Unless you must have a period-instrument performance, this new Divine Art CD is a very good way to obtain two works which raised the serenade well above other examples of the genre.” – Brian Wilson (MusicWeb)

“This performance of the serenades on modern instruments is mellifluous and blend­ed. A fine performance of the B-flat Serenade.” – Todd Gorman (American Record Guide)

“This recording is actually the premiere full version of the K.375 Serenade, as Santiago Mantas restored the trio in the second Menuet, writen by Mozart but omitted from the published score, and corrected errors that appeared in the published score. The octet of wind instruments of the European Union Chamber Orchestra, directed by Mantas, are very convincing, with instruments that really sing in Mozart's magic writing. The artistic excellence of the CD is further enhanced by the sound engineering by Tony Faulkner, who has given the sound of the wind instruments, both dynamically and tonally, a more than adequate and high standard recording.” - Andrea Bedetti (Audiophile Sound)