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CONCERTATO - chamber music from Lydia Kakabadse

The music of Lydia Kakabadse is infused with the traditions of her family roots in Russia, Georgia, Austria and Greece and especially through the influence of Greek Orthodox chant. Her use of the so-called 'Arabic scale' also gives a touch of exotic piquancy to her chamber music. The pieces here are scored for the 'alternative string quartet' of violin, viola, cello and double bass and include two songs featuring mezzo-soprano Jess Dandy. A varied collection of works which we expect to garner as much praise as her recent choral CD (Cantica Sacra - DDA 25135)

The sound collective personnel on this CD is:
Sara Trickey (violin); Sarah-Jane Bradley (viola);
Tim Lowe (cello); Ben Griffiths (double bass)


AUDIO SAMPLE: Recitativo Arioso (extract)

dealer release date: February 17, 2017





CD program:
The Coachman's Terror
Three Dance Sketches
Two Chamber Songs
Cantus Planus
Recitativo Arioso + Variations

review extracts: for full reviews click here

“This charming album is already one of our favourites. Kakabadse is British but has roots in Greece, Austria, Russia and Georgia, and it's the mixture of cultures that gives this its charm. The music comes from Sound Collective, a group of musicians that works with composers, writers and educators to build new ways of appreciating and promoting chamber music. They've certainly succeeded with this.” – Jeremy Condliffe (The Chronicle)

“ This unusual quartet [with double bass] immediately creates a distinctive sound world, with a rich, lower-string sound. The music instantly has an originality of tone, and there are moments of particular beauty. The influence of medieval music is evident throughout. Performances throughout are admirable, and there is tremendous pleasure to be gained from this music. More, please!” - Michael Wilkinson (MusicWeb)

“Instantly accessible, genteel and well-crafted works. [An] air of sombre reflection, expressed in a melodic, neo-romantic vocabulary, pervades most of the works on the disc. The string quartet lineup, while used conventionally, is afforded additional depth of timbre by the substitution of contrabass for second violin.” – anonymous (Records International)

“Lydia Kakabadse's Russian/Georgian as well as Greek/Austrian descent, enriched by Arabian and medieval ideas, give birth to a an inspiring music mix. The Ensemble ‘sound collective' as well as singer Jess Dandy prove committed and high-class performers.” - Uwe Krusch (Pizzicato)

“ Lydia Kakabadse is a British composer who combines her Greek/Russian heritage with strong contrapuntal technique. This CD's works, composed from 2004 to 2016 utilize traditional harmonies and are melodic.”Recitativo + Variations” ...displays the composer's ability to create counterpoint and color treatment of her lyrical idea.” – Gary Lemco (Zookeeper Online)

“ This recording, which collects together several of her chamber works, is a useful calling card to introduce her in our country. The works here boast styles recalling the musical traditions of the Middle East and Greece, there are also occasional flashes of the minimalism of Steve Reich and Philip Glass, and they show great attention to spirituality. The interpretation by the four members of Sound Collective or the mezzo-soprano Jess Dandy gives nothing to criticize. Spatially, reproduction is good with an airy, fast sound for this deep quartet.” – Andrea Bedetti (Audiophile Sound)