The best of Vintage radio drama - the complete set at special price and really inexpensive shipping.
Here you have nine volumes each with 2 CDs and four or five complete and unedited vintage dramas adapted from famous novels and short stories from the last two hundred years and more.

These remastered recordings are strictly copyright. All rights (including broadcast rights) reserved.

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Vol. 1 American Dramas I (Laurence Olivier)
H G Wells: The Country of the Blind; Heman Melville: Bartleby: Bret Harte: The Luck of Roaring Camp; The Outcasts of Poker Flat
Vol. 2 American Dramas II (Ralph Richardson)
Joseph Conrad: The Tale; The Black Mate; Henry James: The Aspern Papers; The Liar; Four Meetings
Vol. 3 Charles Dickens (Laurence Olivier)
Dickens: TheCase of Bardell v. Pickwick; Sydney Carton; Mr. Micawber's Difficulties; A Christmas Carol
Vol. 4 French Classics (Laurence Olivier, Robert Morley)
Honoré de Balzac: The Purse; La Grande Breteche; Alexandre Dumas: Zoromirsky's Duel; Guy de Maupassant: Little Louise; Jules Romains; Dr. Knock
Vol. 5 Russian Classics (Orson Welles, Michael Redgrave, Laurence Olivier, Trevor Howard)
Alexander Pushkin: The Queen of Spades; Nikolai Gogol: The Overcoat; The Inspector General; Fyodor Dostoevsky: The Judgement
Vol. 6 Stevenson and Wells ( Laurence Olivier, Robert Donat, Renee Asherson, Alec Guinness)
Robert Louis Stevenson: Marheim; Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; Sire de Maltroit's Door; The Suicide Club; H. G. Wells: The Man who could work Miracles
Vol. 7 British & Irish Classics I (Ralph Richardson, Margaret Lockwood)
J. B. Priestley: Private Rooms; W. M. Thackeray: Becky Sharp; Laurence Sterne: My Uncle Toby (Tristram Shandy); A Sentimental Journey
Vol. 8 British & Irish Classics II ( Laurence Olivier, John Gielgud)
Oscar Wilde: The Canterville Ghost; Lord Arthur Savile's Crime; Graham Greene: When Greek Meets Greek; Max Beerbohm: The Happy Hypocrite
Vol. 9 British & Irish Classics III ( Ralph Richardson, Mariel Forbes, George Cole)
W. Somerset Maugham: The Colonel's Lady; The Kite; J. M. Barrie: Half an Hour; A. J. Alan: My Adventure in Norfolk

Each of the 2-CD sets is available separately, as HMD 26205 to 26213, or (from 12 February 2016) as digital downloads (26105 to 26113). Click here to access the Heritage Media list and buying options





HMD 26210 Theatre Royal vol. 6 (Stevenson and Wells)
“The listener can hear the delight in Olivier's voice when he announces that he "will be playing one of the most fascinating dual roles ever created." Golden listening from the golden age of BBC Radio.” - “BP” (Audiofile)

HMD 26211 Theatre Royal vol. 7 (Classics from Britain I)
“ With a charming and gentlemanly presence, [Ralph Richardson] easily finds the warmth, clarity, and humor in a number of short selections from English literature's thickest eighteenth-century offerings. These "pop-and-hiss" recordings offer a great way to experience how these broadcasts were originally heard more than 60 years ago.” - “BP” (Audiofile)