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runner-up: Concerto category, Classic Record Collector Awards 2006

Colin Sauer/BBC Northern Orchestra/Groves
Campoli/BBC Symphony Orchestra/Boult

Possibly one of the rarest recordings of all time: the violin concerto by Douglas Coates (better known for choral and organ music) was broadcast in 1951, after which the BBC destroyed or re-used the tape as was their custom.  Coates, a writer in romantic style, like Bax, Delius and Moeran, was so angry with the "modernist" attitudes at the BBC that he tore up the score and parts. The work was believed completely lost until we came across the off-air recording which Coates had made, of which only two original copies exist. We are delighted to have "re-discovered" this music.  Moeran's concerto dating from a few years later has also been relatively neglected. This performance again comes from a BBC broadcast.


AUDIO SAMPLE: Coates - 1st mvt (beginning)







Douglas Coates:
Violin Concerto in D major (1934)
Colin Sauer (violin), BBC Northern Orchestra
conducted by Sir Charles Groves

E J Moeran:
Violin Concerto (1937-41)
Alfredo Campoli (violin), BBC Symphony Orch.
conducted by Sir Adrian Boult

review extracts: for full reviews click here
“Coates’ work deserved revision, not destruction. The coupling is an absolute stunner..outclasses the few recordings it has had since. [Campoli’s] playing is utterly charismatic.Divine Art have done an amazing job in producing such a lifelike, gripping sound.” Performance (Coates): êêêê (excellent) (Moeran): êêêêê(outstanding)– Calum MacDonald (BBC Music Magazine)
“The Coates has been very smartly scrubbed up and sounds pretty good with silent background and any scratches and scuffs elided. The first movement is such an ardent outpouring that one comes away wanting to hear it again and prepared to forgive the short breath of the finale. The writing is big and potent with the violin soaring in almost constant song over the tormented orchestral part. Colin Sauer drives this work forward with gorgeous sturdy tone and no little poetry. [In the Moeran] Campoli pours an almost desperate intensity into these pages. The mood is emotionally exalted - exulting in melancholy and beauty. Campoli is not content to allow the generous poetry at play throughout these pages to cool the emotions. This is I think the warmest and most passionate performance I have ever heard of the piece.” – Rob Barnett (MusicWeb)
“This is another Divine Art winner, highly recommended… The performance is excellent.. the music has much to commend it.. remarkably fine sound.” – Denby Richards (Musical Opinion)
“Musicmaking of exemplary commitment, songful rapture and sizzling passion. Buried treasure indeed.” – Andrew Achenbach (The Gramophone)
“I congratulate Divine Art on their enterprise in making available one unknown work and one largely unknown performance of a slightly more familiar concerto. The transfers sounded well on my equipment and the documentation is exemplary. English music enthusiasts should certainly investigate this fascinating release.” - John Quinn (MusicWeb)

“[Coates's Concerto] is easily accessible and pleasant...neither of the impeccably behaved works gives the slightest offense and Campoli's performance commands attention. Collectors...shouldn't hesitate in the least to acquire it. Warmly recommended.” – Robert Maxham (Fanfare)

“a superb live performance of ..the Moeran…[Coates] was an excellent composer and orchestrator. His concerto will please, especially as the performance is a fine one.. Andrew Rose has done the transfer from acetates very well.” - Tully Potter (Classic Record Collector)
“Campoli plays [the Moeran concerto] with a sweetness and warm-hearted virtuosity; the coupling is even more recondite and it’s well worth hearing. The restoration … has been done beautifully by Andrew Rose”­ – Nigel Simeone (International Record Review)
“Sauer gives a committed and lyrical performance… Campoli brings the [Moeran] to life with striking virtuosity”. – TMS (Federation of Recorded Music Societies)
“Superb disc” – Michel Tibbaut (Radio Belge)
  “The performance [of the Moeran] is really quite special. What a wonderful player Campoli was when he was at his best. He was never better than at this exalted level. The idiom [of the Coates] is very sympathetic, lyrical and warm… very well played by Colin Sauer… well worth hearing” - Ivan March (Penguin Guide to Compact Discs)