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NATURAL SCIENCE (by Christopher Fox)
TRIO SCORDATURA Alfrun Schmid, vocal/violin; Elisabeth Smalt, viola; Bob Gilmore, vocal/keyboards; with Scott Mc Laughlin, electric guitar

These works demonstrate yet another peak in the creativity of Christopher Fox; disarmingly simple, they demonstrate his uncanny ability to create music from the most unlikely inspirations such as the superb poetry of Ian Duhig; travels through a cityscape, or the calculations of planetary orbits; also these pieces make use of tunings other than the 'normal' equal temperament we are familiar with thus creating an other-worldly (yet firmly rooted in daily life) soundstage.

CD DURATION:  58:42  

AUDIO SAMPLE: Trümmermusik - in the U-Bahn






für Johannes Kepler
Trümmermusik: A Berlin Diary 1947
Generic Composition #8
Natural Science
Sol-Fa Canon for Aldo Clementi

Gramophone magazine says this is THE ESSENTIAL FOX CD (July 2013) see article here

review extracts: for full reviews click here

“The message is clear – equal temperament is useful, and here's some beautiful sounds created from it.” – Philip Clark (The Wire)

“Often very beautiful to listen to. The playing of the Trio Scordatura is excellent throughout in what must be music peculiarly difficult to keep in tune. The recording enables one to hear every detail.” – Paul Corfield Godfrey (MusicWeb)

“This excellent disc acts as a reminder of the clarity of Fox's voice and the depth of his language. Alfrun Schmid is a superb vocal soloist. Her pitching is exemplary. The flighty viola part [in Natural Science ] is superbly rendered. The keyboard Sol-Fa Canon for Aldo Clementi makes for the perfect end for a stimulating disc.” – Colin Clarke (Tempo)

“[The Sol-Fa Canon] is fun and puts a fitting end to this interesting disc. The instrumental playing is excellent throughout…. Fascinating.” – Maria Nockin (Fanfare)