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SEA TO THE WEST - contemporary music for voice

This collection of new works for voice by British and Irish composers demonstrates the wide range of styles and structures available even within the genre of solo vocal music and also gives an opportunity to hear the exquisite and virtuosic singing of Elizabeth Hilliard. In some works she is accompanied by discreet electronic sounds and by overdubbing her voice. This album is a fine way to explore new vocal music which is both exploratory and individualistic but also attractive and sensuous.

"HIghy rewarding... enriching" - Fanfare


AUDIO SAMPLE: Linda Buckley:
Númarímur (extract)

dealer release date: October 14, 2016





CD program:
Christopher Fox:
Sea to the West
Gráinne Mulvey:
Phonology Garden
Eternity is Now
Linda Buckley:
David Bremner:
Logic ballad #2

review extracts: for full reviews click here

“This is a highly specialized but massively rewarding disc. . Christopher Fox's music is never less than fascinating... Fox's aural imagination is simply remarkable: haunting does not even begin to cover it. Irish composer Linda Buckley contributes Nùmarìmur... Hilliard's plangent, pure sound seems absolutely perfect; more, her control in the hypnotic repetitions of fragments around five minutes in is stunning. The disc is in fact a huge achievement for Elizabeth Hilliard. It is also an enriching experience for the listener.” - Colin Clarke (Fanfare)

“ Elizabeth Hilliard has a wonderfully full voice, a great range and the musical imagination to bring life to contemporary ambient soundscapes. This is introspective music that puts the listener in a ravishing but ultimately spare and rarified zone.The composers and Elizabeth's wonderful voice make it all work... this is a captivating change of pace.” - Grego Edwards (Gapplegate Classical Modern Music)

“This is certainly not your average CD and while it is not inaccessible, there's no point pretending it's not avant-garde. It's got a compulsive quality about it, though. Fans of the voice, ambient music and even meditation might like to try it ... it is beautiful and calming in places. The songs are sung by soprano Elizabeth Hilliard, whose virtuosity is impressive, and she deserves admiration; singers and fans of the human voice should get this for the technique alone.” – Jeremy Condliffe (The Chronicle)

“The works here are all for solo soprano. But the overall effect is anything but solo, with electronics providing independent background as well as accumulations of Elizabeth Hilliard's pure voice.” (awarded four stars)- Michael Dervan (Irish Times)