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A DIFFERENT GAME - piano trios by Rhona Clarke

Reviewing MSV 28556, which contained Rhona Clarke's Second piano trio, one critic expressed the desire to hear much more of this exceptional composer's work, and we are delighted to present this new disc adding the 3rd and 4th trios to No. 2, together wth three other works played by individual members of the Fidelio Trio. Clarke's original and bewitching style is evident in every work as it is also in her vocal piece "....smiling like that..." (on MSV 28558).

The Fidelio Trio give another top-ranking performance demonstrating why their reputation as one of the world's foremost ensembles continues to grow.


AUDIO SAMPLE: Trio No. 3 - Ist movement

dealer release date: March 17, 2017





CD program:
Piano Trio No. 2
Piano Trio No. 3
Piano Trio No. 4 ('A Different Game')

Gleann Da Lough (solo piano)
Con Coro (violin, cello & tape)
In Umbra (solo cello)

review extracts: for full reviews click here
“This CD explores six imaginative works. Each one is approachable, despite the composer making no concessions to the current craze for insipid minimalism so often in evidence in contemporary music. She has managed to create an exciting and often challenging personal voice that is always interesting and often quite beautiful. The trio's playing on this new CD of music by Rhona Clarke is outstanding. Not only are they a hugely proficient ensemble, but are willing to perform solo pieces with equal proficiency.” – John France (MusicWeb)

“In Rhona Clarke's very first album dedicated solely to her own music, she proves to be one of Ireland's most interesting and convincing living modern composers. A Different Game features the considerable dynamic expressive capabilities of The Fidelio Trio performing six chamber compositions that stand out for the articulate flow of modern musical ideas and the structural strengths of the overarching form each work takes. Clarke comes through as an original stylist and a brilliant musical conversationalist on this disk. There is always something there to pique your musical imagination, never a moment when inspiration flags. I find the entire program heartily stimulating and nearly endlessly rewarding. Strongly recommended.” - Grego Edwards (Gapplegate Classical Modern Music)

“Rhona Clarke's first album dedicated to her own music, skilfully played by The Fidelio Trio... it's never hard to approach, and the sound is varied... a thoughtful album throughout.” – Jeremy Condliffe (The Chronicle)