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LOST LANDS and other works by Michael Finnissy

Michael Finnissy is amongst the most celebrated of contemporary British composers and his music is featured on many of our CDs. This selection of works for chamber group and solo instruments written between 1977 and 1990 displays both his formidable talents and those of Topologies. These pieces are inspired by the disappearing musical cultures in places affected by ethnic cleansing (Kurdestan and Azerbaijan) and "discredited" musical styles such as free jazz and expressionism.


AUDIO SAMPLE: Moon's goin' down (extract)







Dilok (oboe & percussion)
Delal (oboe d'amore & percussion)
Kulamen Dilan (soprano sax & percussion)
Moon's goin' down (solo oboe)
Runnin' wild (solo oboe)
Keroiylu (oboe, bassoon & piano)
Lost Lands (sax, clarinet, violin, guitar, piano)

review extracts: for full reviews click here
"Virtuosic and explosive music, with a frame of reference from jazz to Kurdistan, which proves itself fully engaged with the world. It is as well recorded as ever, and offers a substantial and memorable programme. If you need convincing that so-called 'complex' composers live in the real world, you need look no further.” - Arnold Whittall (Gramophone)
“All in all this is a very interesting listen, not easy but certainly not by any means impenetrable. This is a fascinating disc all round and nowhere near as difficult as Finnissy's previous press might indicate. Give it a go!” - Neil Horner (MusicWeb)

“The oboe, performed here by Christopher Redgate, is in the spotlight most of the time. Title work Lost Lands , for E-flat clarinet, soprano sax, guitar, violin and piano is by far the longest work on the disc. From the outset the work's scope is evidently broad, the ensemble moving without haste, conveying that there's much ground to cover: there's nothing tentative about this, the music feels ambitious, even potentially visionary. The soundworld of Lost Lands is simply gorgeous: intimate, emotive, even sensuous at times. Redgate's performances are blindingly exhilarating, particularly in the duets with Julian Warburton's percussion, and the rendition of Lost Lands by Topologies is genuinely amazing. This disc is absolutely essential.” – Simon Cummings (5against4)