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Released by demand! This is the audio track from the highly praised DVD 'Quartet Choreography' (MSVDX 101) which demonstrated the silent and essent1al communication between players especially in complex modern music, in line with Stravinsky's dictum that music should be seen as well as heard. The CD (and digital album) will totally satisfy those who prefer to absorb the music in its purity. Four iconic composers and works which will help to define the late 20th century chamber music repertoire.


AUDIO SAMPLE: Stravinsky: Three Pieces - No. 3 (extract)

dealer release date (CD): January 20, 2017
(digital version released 2015)





CD program:
Igor Stravinsky:
Three Pieces for String Quartet
Witold Lutoslawski:
String Quartet
György Ligeti:
String Quartet No. 2
Michael Finnissy:
Second String Quartet

review extracts: for full reviews click here

“This is pure modernist music at its very best. I believe that it is a splendid introduction to four masterpieces of 20 th /21 st century string quartet writing. Everything about this CD is striking. The playing by the UK-based Kreutzer Quartet is stunning, these works could not wish for better advocates, the recording is outstanding, revealing the textures, timbres and effects of these works in an excellent light. For listeners who enjoy ‘modernist' music this is an essential purchase; for those who wish to approach this style it is an ideal introduction.” - John France (MusicWeb)

“By definition, the pieces are quirky... rather angular pieces, sometimes harsh though sometimes playful. It's all very modern. if you like modern music and want to be challenged give it a go.” – Jeremy Condliffe (The Chronicle)

“A fine perform­ance of four 20th Century and contemporary quartets—some better known than others. Finnissy's exceptional second quartet...I find fascinating and believe it repays repeated hearings.” – Rob Haskins (American Record Guide)

“This is an important Kreutzer Quartet production. The performances of all this music are riveting and have captivated listeners who would normally find engagements with some of this music far from easy. Recommended for essential purchase.” – Peter Grahame Woolf (Musical Pointers) (DVD)

“Any release spunky enough to embrace Ligeti's and Finnissy's Second OK by me. These films are edited to mirror something of the composer's approach to structure but, more significantly, to allow viewers to see the physical interaction between player and instrument. Stravinsky was right: we hear these moves, see the sounds differently. - Philip Clark (Gramophone) (DVD)

“[The Kreutzers'] playing is vivid, technically assured and strongly characterful throughout, and there's a real sincerity to the performances with no sense of acting up for the camera. There are times where watching the performer really adds to the musical experience.” – David Kettle (The Strad) (DVD)