msvdx 102

dealer release date: 11 September, 2015



Percussion masterworks meet art cinema in this state-of-the art-production.

Multiple award-winning Danish percussionist Mathias Reumert sets a new standard with these performances, which are captured live without audience in various locations.

The seven works included are cornerstones of contemporary percussion music, and each becomes here a short film in its own right by director Christian Holten Bonke.

This disc is universal-play (Region 0) and doublesided PAL/NTSC so will play in any country.

playing time: 87:00 (performances)

video  sample: see the TRAILER video on YouTube here






Pierre Jodlowski:
Time & Money
Iannis Xenakis:
Franco Donatoni:
Vinko Globokar:
Hans Werner Henze:
Five Scenes from the Snow Country
Brian Ferneyhough:
Bone Alphabet

review extracts: for full reviews click here

“ A wide-ranging recital showing Reumert as a masterful exponent, someone with impressive technique and poetic interpretive skills, and a real dramatic, theatrical flair. One first notices the excellent quality of the sound and the very musically sensitive video direction of Christian Holten Bonke. The choice of camera angles and cuts follows the music intelligently, and the works that call for special animated aspects and/or strong general visual components work especially well here. The video-DVD-high quality sound medium broadens the appreciation of the visual components of each work and the physicality of playing it, the theatrical elements, and the impressive virtuosity and artistry of Reumert. Anyone interested in the possibilities of avant modern solo percussion will find this a fascinating and very provocative, even exciting recital. Reumert is extraordinary! Highly recommended." - Grego Edwards (Gapplegate Classical Modern Music)

“ One rarely experiences such an exclusive production in such a niche genre , namely contemporary composed music for percussion. The result is nothing less than ground-breaking. A tremendous achievement.” - Jeppe Rönnow (Politiken: Klassiks Kultur)

“An artistic feat of the highest order, this DVD showcases seven core works from the solo percussion repertoire ... a charismatic soloist with an out-of-this-world technical ability on his instruments. Cleverly applying a different cinematic style to each piece, essentially creating a unique crossbreed between art cinema and music drama. Spellbinding.” ( XXXXXX ) – Esben Tange (Klassisk, Denmark)

“This is a beautifully shot program of percussion music. In short, this is a magnificent undertaking, uniting on one disc six significant percussion pieces, rendered in visually stunning film and wonderful sound, of what feels at times like superhuman per­formances.” - Colin Clarke (Fanfare)

“ I found that watching and reviewing the DVD in hand to be one of the more entertaining assignments I've received. Mathias Reumert is an amazing performer, a veritable wizard of percussion. His masterful music-making will astound you; this, coupled with the fascinating videography, creates a program that transcends whatever the normal market for this DVD would be. I recommend this recital wholeheartedly.” - David DeBoor Canfield (Fanfare)