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MSVDX 101   Quartet Choreography Kreutzer Quartet
MSVDX 102   Solo Mathias Reumert
MSV 77203 cd/dvd Ed Hughes: When the Flame Dies Soloists, New Music Players, Carlos del Cueto
new music series: standard price (2* = 2CD for price of 1)
MSV 28501   Ferneyhough: Choral Music BBC Singers, Lontano, cond. Odaline de la Martinez
MSV 28503   Peter Maxwell Davies: Chamber Music Gemini
MSV 28504   Ferneyhough: Chamber Music Ensemble Exposé
MSV 28505   Contemporary Music for Clarinet Cristo Barrios & Clinton Cormany
MSV 28506   Laurence Crane: 20th Century Music Michael Finnissy
MSV 28507   Northern Lights - British String Quartets Kreutzer Quartet
MSV 28508   Edwin Roxburgh: Oboe Music Christopher Redgate, Stephen Robbings, Ensemble Exposé
MSV 28509   Paul Whitty: Thirty-nine Pages Darragh Morgan and Mary Dullea
MSV 28510   Out of the Cool: Flute and Piano Susan Milan and Andrew Ball
MSV 28511 2CD Bach Plus Ulrich Heinen
MSV 28512   Fortmann: Sax Music Marco Falaschi, Berlioz Quartet, etc
MSV 28513   Greatest Hits of All Time Christopher Redgate, Kreutzer Qt, Ensemble Exposé
MSV 28514   Lewis: Silence of the Night David Jones, Caroline MacPhie, Zheng-Yu Wu
MSV 28516   Barnard: Cosmic Light Jeffrey Grossman
MSV 28517   Inward - Contemporary music for flute Richard Craig
MSV 28519 2CD Lumsdaine: White Dawn Rogers, Turner, Lawson, Gemini/Brabbins
MSV 28520   Music by Veale and Crawford Linda Merrick, John Turner, Adderbury Ensemble
MSV 28521 2CD Rochberg: Violin Sonata & Caprice Variations Peter Sheppard Skærved & Aaron Shorr
MSV 28522   Pipings and Bowings - Lyrical English chamber music Turner, Lawson, Howarth, Manchester Chamber Ensemble
MSV 28523   Songs and Chamber Music by David Dubery Adrienne Murray, Craig Ogden, Peter Dixon, Richard Simpson, Richard Williamson, Graham Salvage, Paul Janes & David Dubery
MSV 28524   Voix Voilées: Spectral Piano Music Marilyn Nonken
MSV 28525   Craven: Set for Piano Mary Dullea
MSV 28526   Christopher Fox: Natural Science Trio Scordatura
MSV 28527 2CD Pellay: Thesaurus of Violinistic Fiendishness Peter Sheppard Skærved
MSV 28528 2* John Ramsay - String Quartets 1-4 The Fitzwilliam String Quartet
MSV 28529   New Music for a New Oboe Christopher Redgate, Michael Finnissy, Stephen Robbings
MSV 28530 2CD Dark Formations: Music of Ed Hughes Richard Casey/New Music Players
MSV 28532 2* James Weeks: TIDE Apartment House
MSV 28533   Karl Fiorini - Violin Concertos Salvador/Lelek/Sudecka Philharmonic/Zurakowski
MSV 28534   In Dust We Trust - chamber music by T. Fortmann Manrico Padovani, Natasha Korsakova, etc.
MSV 28535   Tracing Lines - chamber music by Robert Fokkens Patrica Rozario, Carla Rees, Fidelio Trio
MSV 28536   Finnissy: Unknown Ground Richard Jackson, New Music Players
MSV 28537   Tapestry: Elliott Schwartz Chamber Music Kreutzer Quartet, Longbow, etc
MSV 28538   Rising at Dawn - music by Carson Cooman Katarzyna Sadej, Chris Gekker, Jeffrey Grossman etc
MSV 28539   Ellison: Say I am You VocaalLab, Hezarfen Ensemble
MSV 28540   Vale: New Music for Flute Richard Craig etc.
MSV 28541   Grieg & Finnissy Piano Quintets Roderick Chadwick / Kreutzer Quartet
MSV 28542   Grist: New Music for Flute Jos Zwaanenburg
MSV 28543   Malone: A Clockwork Operetta Emily Howard, Fidelio Trio, Manchester Sinfonia
MSV 28544 2* Craven: Piano Sonatas 7,8 & 9 Mary Dullea
MSV 28545   Finnissy: Music for Violin and Piano Darragh Morgan and Mary Dullea
MSV 28546   New Sounds from Manchester Quatuor Danel
MSV 28547   Christopher Wright: Pandora's Last Gift Various Artists
MSV 28548   Dubery: Observations James Gilchrist, Adrienne Murray, Michael Cox, David Dubery, Cavaleri Quartet
MSV 28549   Gothic: New Irish piano music Mary Dullea
MSV 28550   David Gorton: Orfordness Zubin Kanga, Christopher Redgate, Neil Heyde, Kreutzer Quartet
MSV 28551   Sea to the West Elizabeth Hilliard
MSV 28552   Songs and Chamber Music by Nicholas Marshall James Gilchrist, John Turner, Tim Smedley, Manchester Chamber Ensemble
MSV 28553   American Music for Clarinet Ian Mitchell
MSV 28554   Orchestral Concert Moores Symphony Orchestra / Krager
MSV 28555   Hohler Fels Karin de Fleyt, Peter Merckx, Jakob Fichert
MSV 28556   Dancing in Daylight The Fidelio Trio
MSV 28557   Singular Voices Clare Lesser, Carl Rosman, David Lesser
MSV 28558   I am Wind on Sea Aylish Kerrigan, Dearbhla Collins
MSV 28559   Signs of Occupation Soloists and Plus-Minus Ensemble
MSV 28560   Schoenberg & Bodley vocal works Aylish Kerrigan, Dearbhla Collins
MSV 28561   Rhona Clarke: A Different Game The Fidelio Trio
MSV 28562   Piccoloworks Natalie Schwaabe & Jan Philip Schulze
MSV 28565   Mandala 3 Sarah Leonard, Aleksander Szram, Gemini
MSV 28566   Silver Hound: Songs by Betty Roe Various Artists
MSV 28569   Kevin Raftery: Chamber Music Heath Quartet/Berkeley Ensemble/Animare Ensemble
MSV 28572   Ghost Dialogues Chris Gekker, Chris Vadala, Clara O'Brien, Rita Sloan
MSV 77201 2CD Mixed Doubles: Concertos by Crosse and Manduell Soloists /Manchester Sinfonia, cond. Timothy Reynish
MSV 77202 2CD Anthony Burgess - The Man and his Music John Turner and Harvey Davies
MSV 77203 CD/DVD Ed Hughes - When the Flame Dies Soloists, New Music Players, Carlos del Cueto
MSV 77204 2CD Electrifying Oboe Christopher Redgate, Ensemble Exposé
MSV 77205 2CD Miniaturised Concertos Kate Halsall, etc.
MSV 77206 2CD Johnson: Intricate Web Lixenberg/Woodley/Fitzwilliam String Quartet
MSV 77501 5CD Finnissy: The History of Photography in Sound Ian Pace
new music series (mid-price)
MSVCD 92002   20th century British Organ Music Andrew Johnstone
MSVCD 92003   Howells: Chamber Music Lyric Quartet, etc
MSVCD 92004   British Piano Music: Tippett 3rd Sonata etc Graham Caskie
MSVCD 92005   Mathias: String Quartets  reissue 12/07 Medea Quartet
MSVCD 92006   Bax, Harty, Alwyn, etc: Flute & Harp Music Emily & Catherine Beynon
MSVCD 92008   British Piano Music: Tippett 2nd sonata etc Steven Neugarten
MSVCD 92009   British Piano Music: Tippett 4th sonata etc Nicholas Unwin
MSVCD 92010   Folklore - piano music by Michael Finnissy Michael Finnissy
MSVCD 92011   Finnissy: Music for String Quartet Kreutzer Quartet
MSVCD 92012   Roberto Gerhard: Chamber Music Catamen Piano Trio
MSVCD 92013   British Music for Clarinet and Piano Kate Romano & Alan Hicks
MSVCD 92014   Music by E. Harper and L. Creswell Jane Manning, New Music Group of Scotland
MSVCD 92015   "Fanny Robin" - opera by Edward Harper J. Manning, N. Waugh, Scottish Opera Chorus, Scottish Chamber Orchestra
MSVCD 92016   String Quartets by Sackman & Nicholson Bochmann Quartet
MSVCD 92017   "Japan Project" - Japanese trombone music Barrie Webb
MSVCD 92018   "Plot in Fiction" - Italian chamber music Firebird Ensemble cond. Barrie Webb
MSVCD 92019   Ric Graebner: "Venus in Landscape" Ric Graebner
MSVCD 92021   Romanian Trombone Concertos Barrie Webb, Romanian Radio Sym. Orch. etc
MSVCD 92022   More Light: Piano Music by Christopher Fox Ian Pace
MSVCD 92023   Finnissy: Seven Sacred Motets Voces Sacrae
MSVCD 92024   Premonitions: Music by Nigel Clarke Various Artists
MSVCD 92025   "Peripheral Visions" - Modern British Song Alison Smart & Katharine Durran
MSVCD 92026   Catalan String Quartets Kreutzer Quartet
MSVCD 92027 2CD Finnissy: Verdi Transcriptions, etc Ian Pace
MSVCD 92028   Violin Music by Henze, Hakim etc Peter Sheppard Skaerved
MSVCD 92029   Violin Music by McCabe and Rawsthorne Peter Sheppard Skaerved, Christine Sohn, Tamami Honma
MSVCD 92030   Finnissy: Gershwin arrangements Ian Pace
MSVCD 92031   "You, Us, Me" - music by Christopher Fox Amanda Crawley & Ian Pace
MSVCD 92032   Gerhard: String Quartets nos 1 & 2 Kreutzer Quartet
MSVCD 92033   Piano music by James Clapperton James Clapperton
MSVCD 92035   "Even such is Time" - British choral music Voces Sacrae
MSVCD 92036   "Animal Heaven" - New Songs by British Composers Alison Wells, John Turner, Keith Elcombe, Jonathan Price
MSVCD 92037 2CD Charles Ives: The Piano Music Philip Mead etc.
MSVCD 92038   "Fast Colours" - music by Anthony Powers Psappha
MSVCD 92039   "The Nursery" - Children's Songs by German and Fraser-Simpson Sandra Lissenden & Katharine Durran
MSVCD 92040   Invisible Cities - music by Alwynne Pritchard Topologies
MSVCD 92041   "Feasibility Studies" Scottish Flute Trio
MSVCD 92042   "Wind-Up"  - Chamber Music by Fitch & Archbold Ensemble Exposé, etc
MSVCD 92043   Jane Wells: "Occasional Music" The Composers' Ensemble
MSVCD 92044   "Flowforms" - music by Richard Emsley Topologies
MSVCD 92046   "Night Thoughts": Chamber music by Justin Connolly various artists
MSVCD 92049   "Scorpio" - music by Nicholas Sackman Fine Arts Brass Quintet, etc
MSVCD 92050   Finnissy: Lost Lands and other works Topologies
MSVCD 92051   Schwartz & Rochberg: String Quartets Kreutzer Quartet
MSVCD 92053   "Taking Flight" - music by Sadie Harrison Kreutzer Quartet
MSVCD 92054   Piano Music by Katharine Norman Philip Mead
MSVCD 92055   P. Maxwell-Davies: Chamber Music Kreutzer Quartet
MSVCD 92056   Chamber music by Priaulx Rainier & Sadie Harrison Double Image
MSVCD 92057 2CD Piano Music by Walter Zimmerman Ian Pace
MSVCD 92058   Josephs: Clarinet Quintet & Sonatas Linda Merrick, Benjamin Frith, Kreutzer Qt.
MSVCD 92059   Christopher Fox: music for solo cello Anton Lukoszevieze
MSVCD 92061   "Septembral" - music by Geoffrey Poole Lindsay Quartet, Gemini, etc
MSVCD 92062   George Nicholson: "Letters to the World" various artists
MSVCD 92063   "Multiplicities" - British music for flute Nancy Ruffer
MSVCD 92064   LeFanu & Maconchy: chamber music Okeanos
MSVCD 92065   replaced by MSV28521  
MSVCD 92066   "Sacred Physic" - music by Julia Usher various artists
MSVCD 92067 2CD George Crumb: Complete Piano Music
Philip Mead
MSVCD 92068   Wolfgang Rihm: Lieder Clare & David Lesser
MSVCD 92069   Finnissy: "This Church" R. Jackson, C. Money, IXION, Finnissy
MSVCD 92071   "Tenebrae" - piano music by John McCabe Tamami Honma
MSVCD 92073 2CD "Detours" - chamber music by G. McPherson Psappha, cond. by Nicholas Kok
MSVCD 92074   Contours: new music for clarinet Kate Romano
MSVCD 92075 2CD Gerhard Stäbler: complete piano music Paulo Alvares
MSVCD 92076 2CD Casken: "Night, Fire, Sun, Silence" various artists
MSVCD 92081   C. Fox: "Straight Lines in Broken Times" The Ives Ensemble
MSVCD 92082   M. Feldman & C. Fox: Clarinet Quintets Roger Heaton, etc.
MSVCD 92083   Philip Grange: "Darkness Visible" Various Artists
MSVCD 92084   Harrison: Light Garden Trilogy The Tate Ensemble, etc.
MSVCD 92089   Castiglioni: Music for Piano Sarah Nicholls
MSVCD 92097 2* Murail: The Complete Piano Music Marilyn Nonken
MSVCD 92100   New French Song Alison Smart & Katharine Durran
MSVCD 92101   Judith Bailey - Instrumental Music Davey Chamber Ensemble
MSVCD 92102   Chanticlare Clare Lesser
MSVCD 92103   Fox: Catalogue Irraisoné Exaudi Vocal Ensemble
MSVCD 92104   Gorton: Trajectories Heyde, Skærved, Chadwick, Kreutzer Quartet
MSVCD 92105   Quartet Choreography - The Soundtrack Kreutzer Quartet
MSVCD 92106   Malone: Music of 9/11 Soloists, Manchester Sinfonia
re-appraisal series  (mid-price)
MSVCD 2001   J S Bach - complete Toccatas Katharine Durran
MSVCD 2002 2CD J S Bach: Well-Tempered Clavier, book 2 Diana Boyle
MSVCD 2003   Beethoven Explored, vol. 1 Peter Sheppard Skærved & Aaron Shorr
MSVCD 2004   Beethoven Explored, vol. 2 Peter Sheppard Skærved & Aaron Shorr
MSVCD 2005   Beethoven Explored, vol. 3 Peter Sheppard Skærved & Aaron Shorr
MSVCD 2006   Beethoven Explored, vol. 4 Peter Sheppard Skærved & Aaron Shorr
MSVCD 2007   Beethoven Explored, vol. 5 Peter Sheppard Skærved & Aaron Shorr
MSVCD 2008   Beethoven Explored, vol. 6 Peter Sheppard Skærved, Dov Scheindlin, Neil Heyde, Aaron Shorr
MW7 6CD Beethoven Explored vols.1-6
(discount offer)
Peter Sheppard Skaerved & Aaron Shorr
metier jazz (mid-price)
MJ 0401   Ambiguous Dialogues Philip Clemo
MJ 0402   Mystery Lights / Nightflower Clive Bell & David Ross
MJ 0403   Macroscopia DeBrunner-Silverman-Carter-Zlabinger
MJ 0404   Borderlands Jonathan Lorentz Trio
metier world (mid-price)
MW 36001   Sweet Nomad Girl traditional Afghan folk music